Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Review - 17 Photo Flawless mascara

Disclosure - PR sample

Boots 17's new Photo Flawless range includes three tinted mascaras, promising a "show-stopping" lash effect. As part of my ongoing quest to fool the world that I have long, lush lashes, I'm reviewing the mascara in Black-Gold.

17 got some big blogger thumbs-ups for their Wild Curls mascara last year, and Photo Flawless deserves a similar verdict. It's a thick, slightly tacky formula that adds volume to lashes thanks to its dense consistency. I'm predicting that it will dry up relatively fast as a result, but at £5.99, a short lifespan is not the end of the world.

I didn't find the tinted thing especially obvious on the lashes, although it can be seen slightly on the brush. Any colour-play with the eyes is probably subliminal, but I'd like to think the bronzey tint offsets the green in my eyes slightly.

The brush is great - it's a curved, bristle-based effort with longer bristles on the outside of the curve. The mix of longer and shorter bristles make it easy to wiggle the thin side right into the roots and also comb through the ends with the longer bristles to pull out any clumps.

I'm very impressed with this mascara all in all, and will be picking up the other coloured variants too. It's available now from Boots, costing £5.99.


  1. This makes your lashes look great. I'm interested in how the colour accent in it works - seems like it's worth a try for £5.99! x

  2. Wow it really makes your lashes look good! But I don't see even a hint of the bronze!

  3. This looks rather good, I really like 17 Wild Curls and the Va Va Voom Volume so I may check this out once I get through my others.

  4. It looks really nice! The pencils in that range are quite good too, I really like the black/copper one.

  5. I've been really tempted to try the Photo Flawless range & the mascara in particular. Thanks for the post I'll definitely be buying this come payday x

  6. this mascara looks great! I passed by Boots yesterday and tried their tester of foundation in "natural" on my hand, it seemed nice and smooth so I may buy and review and some point soon (even though Im on a spending ban from the hubby lol!)

    If you know what it feels like/how it compares to other foundations, please do tell!


  7. I really like the look/sound of the whole range, and I love this, it's perfect for everyday or layering. x


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