Friday, 25 February 2011

Orly Mini Polishes Hit Boots Stores

Orly polishes are lovely - but sometimes, really difficult to track down.  Not for much longer - Orly mini polishes are shortly making their way into select Boots stores.  The 48 colours and 2 treatments will also be available at  At £5 for 5.3ml, these aren't quite as cheap as the miniature offerings from, say, Mavala - but still worth checking out.  As well as the excellent selection of colours, Orly polishes also have a lovely, rubbery, easy grip cap - even on the mini sizes.  Lovely.

What do you think?  Looking forward to finding Orly products more easily, or feel at £5 for 5ml is a bit too expensive compared to full size?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. thats a bit much!. i know a nails supply store that sell the full size bottles for £4

  2. Possibly a stupid question: Are they meant to be like "o rly?", like the memetic owl gif? Perhaps I'm too accustomed to Shiro, but the meme pops into my head before any other explanation xD


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