Saturday, 26 February 2011

NOTD: OPI Sparrow Me The Drama

Disclosure: PR sample

This is OPI's Sparrow Me The Drama, a super cool toned pale pink with lilac/blue undertones.  It's very, very pink.  And very, very girlie.  I'm surprised to like it quite as much as I do.  Part of the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 film tie in, this is one of the least unusual shades - but with its bubblegum brightness, it's still very wearable.

The polish has a lovely cream finish, and took a staggering four coats to reach full opacity - it was also incredibly streaky right up until I gave it a good going over with a topcoat.  I find that many pastel cream shades have the same streakiness problem - so I'm not too saddened by the lack of instantly smooth finish.  

Wear has been pretty decent - around three days chip free, which I consider good enough.  All in all, a lovely colour - if not completely unique.  If you'd like to grab a bottle of this, you'll find it at all OPI stockists later on this year.


  1. 4 coats?! It looks really nice but i don't know if i could be bothered with the fuss to be honest! If only all nail varnishes were super opaque in 1 coat and lasted a whole week - when will someone release that?! xxx

  2. Love the colour but sounds like a nightmare to apply x

  3. really pretty now its on!! nice shade of pink!!

  4. Such a pretty shade and normally I'm not a fan of pink! :) x

  5. gorgeous shade but i could never wait for four coats to dry! i'm far too impatient :(
    lovely colour, maybe there's a dupe! xo.

  6. Eep! 4 coats?! For the £10-or-so that OPI expect you to pay?! Pah!

    It is a lovely colour though x

  7. I'm not usually a fan of pink nail colour unless it's super bright but this is actually quite nice. Four coats isnt for me though - knowing me I'd spend forever applying it only to smudge it as soon as I was done!


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