Monday, 28 February 2011

February 2011: This month, we have been mostly wearing...

We decided to do a round-up post to give some love to our day-to-day workhorse products - the ones we might not be raving about in our reviews, but that still hit the spot having passed the test of time (well, been in favour for a month or so at least).


1. Clinique High Lengths mascara, (£15, 7ml)*
This mascara has a curious bendy green comb for a brush that reminds me a bit of a blade of grass, or a grasshopper's leg. On a more practical note, it's great for precise, right-to-the-roots application and gives a pure black glossy finish.

2. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (£11.75, 100ml)
Initially a review sample (see original review) that I said I wouldn't repurchase, but that won me over with its outstanding performance over time. Kind on my irritable, dry winter skin, reliably making it softer, brighter and smoother. Still not in love with the eucalyptus smell, but it really, really works.

3. Poshe Super-Fast Drying Topcoat (£8.50, 15ml)
Just like Seche Vite, it delivers a hard-wearing glossy shine and dries at remarkably high speed (as the name suggests). Unlike Seche Vite, it's free from demonised ingredients Toluene and Formaldehyde.

4. Pout Flush Blush in Rampant Rose (discontinued)
Tragically discontinued English-Rose pink cream blush, which comes in a twist-up stick format. The link above is to Makeupalley's reviews of it. You can sometimes pick these up on eBay - definitely worth pouncing on if you see them.

5. Naked Coco de Mer bath foam (£3.99, 300ml)
Luxuriant bubbles, indulgent scent, and no drying SLS to be found anywhere. Naked are miracle-workers, particularly given the low price. I've been using this together with the Coco de Mer shower gel for a couple of weeks now and am totally smitten.


1.  The Body Shop Banana Conditioner (£3.99, 250ml)
Smelling comfortingly of my teenage years, TBS Banana Conditioner is rich, smells glorious, and is silicone free.  And cheap.  I'm already buying backups.

2.  Too Faced Shadow Insurance (£11, 10ml)
I'll be reviewing this one in depth at some point, but so far it's managed to control my oily lids surprisingly effectively - definitely on a par with UDPP.  Also, I love the tube packaging.  No waste!  I'll be trying the Glitter Glue variety next.

3.  Smashbox Halo Powder (£42 for 21g powder and brush)
I've had this product for ages.  A soft, slightly glowy powder which doesn't cake and adds a really pretty luminosity without shine.  It apparently is also anti aging, but I don't really care about that... I just like the finish.  Also, you grate the powder as you need it - genius!

4.  L'Oreal Studio Line Curl Power Mousse (£3.56, 200ml)
I know it's really 80s and all, but I just love mousse.  Strong hold mousse shapes my curls into proper S bends and ringlets without frizz, and I can always scrunch the crispiness out.  This one adds plenty of shine, and is silicone free.

5. NYX Powder Blush (£7.95 UK/$5.95 US)
I have this in Silky Rose and Raisin, and I'm staggered by the pigmentation.  They're on a par with my MAC and Cargo blushers - a single dip onto the blush is enough to give the cheeks a beautiful touch of colour.  They blend brilliantly too.

What products are you loving this month?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. I'm loving my Nyx round lipsticks at the mo since I've only just tried them recently. Sooo creamy and pigmented! Their glosses aren't half bad either!

    I quite like the Clinique High Lengths mascara but hate the process of removing it - I've this problem with most Clinique mascaras actually. I've used Clinique Take the Day off biphase oil cleanser, cream wipe off cleansers and water-based ones as well, but it all require lots of scrubbing motions that I'm not too keen on.

    Any advice?

    Cassie x

  2. I love that Clinique Mascara - I wasn't too sure at first but it's really grown on me. Bottom lash masacra is next on my list!

  3. Cassie, I find the same with Clinique mascaras - they stick so well to the lashes! I've found that an oil cleanser (I'm using Shu at the moment, but have used Muji and MAC in the past and found them much the same) rubbed onto the lashes gently dissolves the mascara pretty well :)


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