Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Review - Ruth Mastenbroek Eau de Parfum

Readers of British Beauty Blogger will know the name Ruth Mastenbroek thanks to BBB's glowing coverage, but for many people outside the niche fragrance world, she's a relative unknown. However, you've almost certainly come into contact with her work - she's a very well established "nose", and one-time president of the British Society of Perfumers. She's created fragrances for Jo Malone and Kenneth Turner, among others, during her 25 year career in perfumery.

These days, she's based in London and runs her own company, with her own lab and studio on site. "Ruth Mastenbroek" is her signature scent, and is a culmination of her personal passions and years of experience.

It's a chypre, which means (not to patronise - I had to look this up myself) it's based around an accord of citrus top notes, a floral heart and an oakmoss base. However it's anything but formulaic. It's deeply complex with a wide variety of ingredients including pink pepper (mmm), pineapple, rose, patchouli, musk and bergamot. There's no one note that jumps out at me, but the pattern is definitely a bright, lively start, mellowing towards a warm and sensual closure.

When I uncapped my sample vial of RM, my first impression was "sunshine". Late summer afternoon sunshine to be specific, with a rich ubiquity that commands attention. There's an overwhelming golden warmth emanating, almost blaring, out from it. There are lively fruity elements to it, and a hint of sharpness that prevents it being too honeyed and floral. Just a hint, but enough to make you stop and think "hmm, what's that?"

It's the final dry-down that really has me sold on this fragrance. I'm a sucker for skin-type scents and the warm musky base of RM is just delicious. I frequently reach for this and dab it on my wrists before I go to sleep, because I love drifting off to the warm, comforting smell of the base note. In fact I'd probably be a good customer for the scented bathrobe that's also available in the same fragrance - it's grabbed a fair bit of media attention already thanks to its unique micro-encapsulation technology which apparently allows it to keep its scent for 20 washes.

"Ruth Mastenbroek" starts at £50 for 50ml of Eau de Parfum, which I think is very good value for an EDP of this quality. It's available to buy online from the Ruth Mastenbroek website.


  1. I read that as Ruth Maddock perfume and was a bit surprised! :/

  2. Oh Pippa :)

    Love your crafty doll by the way!


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