Monday, 10 January 2011

Review - FCUK Polished Bathsyrup

FCUK's bath and body range has been a long-term fixture in the Luxury Bathing aisle at Boots, alongside stalwarts like Soap & Glory and Sanctuary. It's a range I've overlooked until this week, when a GWP offer and a desire for a good old-fashioned bubble bath piqued my curiosity enough to purchase this "Polished" Bathsyrup. (The range is divided into "Pure" and "Polished", two scent families with corresponding pink and green packaging).

Setting aside the slightly ridiculous product name ("Syrup"? Seriously?), this is really a rather nice product and one I'm glad I purchased. The packaging is a standard, sturdy plastic bottle with a chunky screw-top lid. At £5.11 for 500ml, it's cheap enough to slosh into the tub with a free rein, and it produces a voluminous cloud of fragrant bubbles that lasted around 45 minutes in my hard London bathwater.

The scent is lovely, unexpectedly so for a product in this price range. It's fruity, but subtle and delicate. The blurb on the bottle describes it as "sparkling mandarin and osmanthus flower with creamy vanilla notes". It lingers only slightly on the skin after washing, but if you were so inclined you could extend the scent experience with the complementary "Polished" body lotion and body spray.

The formula is not the most moisturising in the world, but it's not excessively drying either. The SLS that's probably responsible for the mountain of bubbles is offset with Vitamin E, Glycerin and grapeseed oil. There's Aloe Vera in there too, although it appears so far down the ingredient list that I suspect it's more of a marketing-led name-check than an active ingredient.

"Polished" Bathsyrup is available from Boots online and in Boots stores nationwide. There's currently a mini gift set available free with any FCUK bathing purchase of £4 or more.

Has anyone else tried anything from the "Pure" and "Polished FCUK range? Any further recommendations?

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  1. I adore the pure range. I use the body spray and picked up the deodorant, body spray and got a set of the body lotion, wash, scrub and spray free. It's a really nice scent, and the scrub and lotion are really really nice. I really rate the FCUK range. The offer on at the moment is really good, spend £4 or more and get a free set worth over £8 at boots. x


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