Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Review: Dr Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum

Disclosure: PR sample

Every time I think or type Dr Nick Lowe, I remind myself of Dr Nick Riviera from the Simpsons - "Hi everybody!".  Dr Nick Lowe, distinguished dermatologist and creator of moisturisers I really quite like, is a good deal more trustworthy than Dr Nick from the Simpsons - particularly where skincare is concerned.  This Age Correct product is a "lightweight, ultra-moisturising eye serum" which instantly "firms, tones, and moisturises the delicate undereye area".

Now, I find this last part a little misleading: whilst the blurb claims it works on the under eye area, the directions say to apply it around the eye area.  So I've been using it as stated on the directions - smoothed gently with my ring fingers around my undereyes and across my eyelids.  And let me tell you - when the description says "ultra moisturising", they mean ultra moisturising.  Since I started testing this product out, my eyelids (already pretty oily) have become unstoppable eyeshadow guzzlers, capable of turning any eye look into shiny oily goo within a few hours.  Even Urban Decay Primer Potion has been incapable of preventing the oily effect.

This might be partially down to the packaging: one pump dispenses enough to more than adequately cover both eyes.  Between the thin, silky texture and the amount of product dispensed in one pump, it's easy to overapply the product (or else resign yourself to losing half of what you get out of the pump).  The texture of the product is actually rather lovely - silky and smooth, it's easy to apply to the eyelid and doesn't cause any dragging; the serum takes a few minutes to sink in, so it's difficult to be overly hard on the delicate skin in the eye area.

Unfortunately, due to the oil slicks caused by the serum, and the packaging which dispenses too much, I've had to suspend my testing after 2 weeks, instead of my usual month or so - so I have no comparison photos.  I suspect that it might work out better for someone who suffers from dry skin around the eye area - but for me and my normal skin and oily lids, it's far too moisturising.  

If your eyes are dry and crying out for some moisture, you'll find Dr Nick Lowe's Age Concern Eye Serum at Boots, where it'll cost you around £17 for 15ml.

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  1. Great review hun. Shame that it is so moisturising. I don't really suffer with oily or dry skin but I know that certain foundations have turned my skin oily so I think I will stay away from this one xxx


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