Thursday, 27 January 2011

NOTD: Orly Sapphire Silk

Disclosure: PR sample

Part of Orly's new spring collection, Precious, Sapphire Silk is a sort of petrol blue with a green edge.  This colour, in combination with a cream finish, is not at all in line with the usual Spring offerings, which are usually pastels, pastels, pastels - and I love this shade all the more for it.  In real life, there's a little more green in the colour than the photo shows, but the overriding look is a strong, creamy petrol blue-green.

This photo, incidentally, was taken after three days wear.  The tipwear, as you can see, has just started creeping in - which is impressive for a shade like this.  I generally find that strong, cream finish colours like this show tipwear really quickly, so I've been pleased and surprised with the longevity of this shade.

I'll definitely be wearing this one again and again this spring (and probably summer too).  If you'd like to grab one for yourself, you'll find them at BeautyChamber or Spice Beauty sometime this month, where they'll cost around £9 each.


  1. im loving the colour, its stunning, yup a must have for spring I say!!

  2. woww, i get that tip wear after a few minutes i'm sure! lovely colour ;)

  3. That shade looks hot on you, you have lovely nails.

    It's also one of my favourites out of the precious collection.



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