Saturday, 22 January 2011

NOTD: Andrea Fulerton Trio in Petrol In The Water

Gemma and I were both amused to learn that we'd quite independently gone out and bought one of these Andrea Fulerton Trios each. We're predictably alike in some respects. Like her, I was very tempted by the aqua-mauve flakies of Rain Fall, but in the end I opted for Petrol In The Water. I'm very glad I did.

We've been consistently impressed by the Andrea Fulerton range so far. Original concepts, well-selected colours, practical packaging and very high quality products.

Andrea's obviously someone who loves to experiment with unusual colours and finishes. The Trio format (which I think is unique to the Andrea Fulerton line) is a kind of creative toolkit, allowing you to apply the two contrasting colours as you choose to create one of three different looks. The two "ends" are 4.4ml each, around the size of a Mavala polish. They work out similar in price to Mavala too, at £7.99 for the Trio set, so around £4 per 4.4ml.

Petrol In the Water consists of a shimmery chocolate brown with gold pearl on one side, and a sheer iridescent white on the other. Here's the brown side worn alone:

As you can see it's more than just a base coat, and has a shimmery charm all of its own. It applied well too, with a thick, smooth consistency giving even coverage (this is two coats). I really like this and would happily wear it solo.

But... when the white side is added, an incredible turquoise-purple duochrome emerges. I was smitten by this effect and just couldn't stop looking at my nails. Look at the transformation from just a single coat of the white polish over the brown:

Here's a close-up:

You can see how densely the reflective particles are packed into the sheer base. Amazing.

I'm very impressed with both the quality and the colour choices in Petrol In The Water. I will definitely be collecting more Andrea Fulerton Trios in the future.

If you're interested in picking up your own Trio, you can find Andrea Fulerton's full range in larger Superdrug branches and via Superdrug online.


  1. WOW! That is gorgeous! I bet the shimmer polish would look stunning over a dark blue.

  2. That's a really decent price for those sorts of colours. I'll have to pop down to Superdrug and find some myself. O_o

  3. I've seen that one in the store and loved the look of the 'white' end but not the brown. But now I've seen it on your nails it actually looks really pretty, and then with the top coat it's just stunning! I need to get a bunch of these now :P

  4. oooh! I quite clearly need this in my life! The pics on the website don't do the duochrome justice. And I quite like the dark shade alone too.


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