Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Spring collection from Boots 17

We've just received these press images of the new Boots 17 Spring collection. It's vintage themed and goes heavy on the pastels - a tried and tested formula for Spring that we see re-invented every year. The vintage look is a nice take on 'soft & pretty'. And look at the little Twitter-birds!

We got a glimpse of the Vintage Love eye palettes when they were in development before Christmas, and they look very desirable indeed in their finished form. I'll definitely be picking up one or perhaps both of these. The polishes and blush I'm undecided about. I'll have to check them out in person to see if the shades are my cup of tea.

Do any of these tempt you?

Vintage Love eye palettes, Pretty Pastels and Metallic Nudes, £5.49 each

Spring Blusher (unsure of the price, but will be under £5 based on existing range)

Lasting Fix polishes in (L-R) Woo Me, Forever, Sweet Kisses, Chaperone (£2.99 each)

The Vintage Love limited edition collection will be available from Boots as of 23trd February 2011.


  1. I love the look of these! Can't wait to get my hands on them :) xx

  2. The eyeshadow palettes look gorgeous. x

  3. I love the designs, and will definitely get them, esp at these prices:-)

  4. Oh these are gorgeous! Will definitely be popping into Boots - I especially love the palettes!

  5. I hadn't seen the blusher before but I'm not convinced by the packaging. The packaging for the palettes looks a bit cheap but then I suppose that's what white plastic does. I also like ranges to match in the packaging and it doesn't seem that these do..most of the range is in it's normal black packaging and then the palettes are not. They look a bit 80's inspired in regards to the design.

    HOWEVER, 17 are one of my favourite High Street brands, I find that their products perform really well. I can't wait to try their new primer.


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