Friday, 7 January 2011

Lippmann Polishes Available Online NOW

Just to let all our fellow glitter lovers know that thanks to the House of Fraser website, you can now get Lippmann polishes online! Woohoo!

For a bit of colour inspiration, you can check out our numerous swatches and NOTDs: Today Was A Fairytale, Boom Boom Pow, Across The Universe, Purple Rain, Bad Romance, and Happy Birthday.  

Which will you buy?


  1. Happy BIrthday. I'm going there RIGHT NOW!

  2. Already put my order in ;-)
    See my post:here

    Couldn't resist the glitter! No one can! :-D

    Are you getting any colours?


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  3. Well about bloody time I say. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. Ooh sounds lovely. Think I've bought enough recently but thank you! Will check it out.

  5. I want Happy Birthday so much but can't justify spending £14 on a nail polish :(


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