Sunday, 30 January 2011

IMATS 2011: Day 2 Summary

Today was Day 2 of London IMATS, and it was just as busy a day as Day 1.  The Pro Only hours, we're told, led to there being a couple of hours of quiet and calm between 9 and 11 - and indeed, when we turned up at half ten to be there in time for the first session of the day, the main exhibition area was quiet enough that you could get to see the products on show without using your elbows to get around.  Good times.

We sat in on the Lauren Luke question and answer session first off - which was surprisingly quiet, perhaps due to the early hour (11am on a Sunday!) and possibly down to the very consumer focussed nature of the session.  More on that in due course.

More inspiring body art (and a tiny bit of distracting pant bulge)

An amazing array of eyeshadow refill pans from the Make-up Studio, a brand we'd not heard of before from the Netherlands, which is supposedly big in mainland Europe.  The pans are massive: the size of Stila eyeshadows, they cost between £7 and £10, with a huge range of colours available.  I picked up one of their baked shadows; review coming up soon.

More large eyeshadows, this time sold as customisable palettes from French brand Paris Berlin.  These are thick, sturdy carboard palettes which snap shut with magnets - very durable.  I bought some of these for my mother, and they're pretty impressive - decent pigmentation if not the highest I've ever seen, and the palette quality is excellent.  

More incredible body painting.  The symmetry and level of detail in this appication was seriously impressive.

The infamous Alex Box, wearing a rather gorgeous sparkly red number, just before she began her epic 4-look application, which was set to music.  We'll be providing a full breakdown of her performance in the next few days.

A glorious combo of body painting and some very striking facial makeup.  The lashes are Make Up Forever and had a gorgeous fluttering movement when the model blinked - beautiful.


  1. I've never heard of Paris Berlin before. What was their price range?

  2. The palette I got for my mother was £14 for the palette + 4 shadows. That was a special IMATS price; I've not yet managed to find anywhere to buy the products online yet! Will update when I do :)

  3. Thanks very much for answering! I had a quick google, they seem to be very obscure :/ Still, I wouldn't mind paying much more for the palette if the pigmentations as good as you say it is. It's so hard to find decent mattes especially.

    Glad that you had a good time!

  4. Thankyou for the lovely comment on the wood-fawn-man I was painting for Illusion Magazine.

  5. Oh I am jealous. That second photo of body painting is absolutely amazing!

  6. just av to say body painting was just amazing:-) i have a favour to ask if anyone knows who the guy is from the first body pic? Glances were shared by both of us on that day and as i left he turned round to watched me leave and i was to worried about other people to give him my number. I'm sure everyone has done the same once and regretted it, so guys i need ya help.


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