Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Word to the wise - look out for Pengaligons Olfactory Owl in London this week

The Olfactory Owl roosting in Burlington Arcade
I have to hand it to Penhaligons - they come up with the most original marketing ideas of any brand I know. First it was the scented taxi roving the streets of London, and now it's a perfumed bird of prey in Victorian formalwear.

The Olfactory Owl will be touring London's landmarks this week, travelling on foot, by tube and on public transport. He'll be giving out discount vouchers and fragrance samples, and if you're lucky enough to spot him out and about you can win prizes by uploading your pictures to Penhaligons' Facebook and Twitter .

My first thought when I saw the press release for this campaign was the "A OWL" sketch from Channel 4's PhoneShop. However I think this owl is considerably more classy than the menacing "Mr Wise"... (link NSFW)

Here's the Olfactory Owl's schedule over the next few days:

Thursday 16th December – Oxford Street, Bond Street, Savile Row, Burlington Arcade, Fortnum & Mason
Saturday 18th December – Regent Street and Trafalgar Square
Sunday 19th December – Knightsbridge, Sloane Square, Green Park, Piccadilly
Tues 21st December – Covent Garden, Somerset House, British Museum

Have you seen the Olfactory Owl out and about in London? Will you be looking out for him?

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  1. This sounds amazing! I will definitely look out for him over the next week :) x


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