Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Review: Scin Spa Great Portland Street

Situated at one end of Great Portland Street, home to private hospitals, doctors and expensive flower shops, Scin Spa London promises an altogether more superficial type of healing.  A bright, open reception area, with blinding white walls and matching sleek white furniture is the first glimpse you get of this rather large spa.

On arrival, I was quickly taken down into the rabbit warren of treatment rooms set under the reception and manicure area.  The usual pre-treatment questionnaire was quickly filled in, and I was taken into a cosy, clean treatment room fitted out with the usual comfy massage bed.  Having purchased a rather splendid Wahanda Mobdeal, this was a treat I'd had to book two months in advance - and with a 30 minute back massage, 30 minute mini-facial, Essie file and polish, and Murad product to take away on offer, I certainly didn't mind waiting!

Although the Mobdeal had promised a Murad facial, my therapist Amy was a Dermalogica facialist - and I was quite happy to switch, looking more for relaxation than for a heavy duty facial.  My 30 minute back massage was heavenly - using Aromatherapy Associates oils, Amy focussed on the areas of my back which were tense and knotty, even going so far as to apply some muscle gel at the end of the massage to help relieve the tension further.  The pressure was even, firm yet not too painful, and I found myself feeling more relaxed than I'd been in ages.

My mini facial was just that: a comprehensive double cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and moisturise.  I was very pleased to get a very effective hand massage whilst the mask was on my face - it's a pet hate of mine when therapists take the opportunity to leave the room after applying the mask part of a facial!  Again, Amy was very attentive - talking to me enthusiastically about all sorts of beauty products when I talked to her, but lapsing into silence when I was quiet.  My skin, post facial, was left looking very well rested and effectively cleansed - no massive differences, but my skin (and I) were definitely left feeling relaxed.

The Essie file and polish was excellent - often, quick nail treatments can involve just a rapid slapping on of polish without much finesse, but despite my just-cut-down short nails, the deep burgundy Luxedo shade was layered on immaculately.

Unfortunately, Scin had run out of the promised Murad product - although apparently it will be coming in the post at a later date.  But still - given the hour and fifteen minutes of relaxation I experienced for the tiny price of £28, I'm not too fussed - it was still a fantastic deal!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at Scin - my therapist was wonderful, the environment was quiet and relaxing, the premises clean and bright.  With spa treatments, it's often the little thoughtful touches that make the difference - and one such little thing at Scin was the artfully flickering LED candles; designed to give a warm, cosy glow without the risk of burning or accidental knocking over!

If you'd like to check out what Scin Spa have to offer, at either their Notting Hill, Great Portland Street, or Liverpool locations - you'll find plenty of details on their website.

What do you think?  Tried Scin?  What's your favourite spa?

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  1. wow sounds fab, my favourite spa is eastthorpe hall. It's only small but amazing x


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