Monday, 20 December 2010

Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eyeshadow

Discount website SecretSales recently had a one off sale on whimsically pretty brand Rouge Bunny Rouge, and as I'd tried their blusher and rather liked it, I decided that ordering a couple of eyeshadows was entirely reasonable, despite my eyeshadow collection standing at well over a hundred shades already.

I bought Tantalising Lovebird, described as a frosted, cool toned coral pink, and Veiled Lyrebird, described as an iridescent pale pink copper with peach overtones.  I suppose if I'd been paying more attention, I'd have noticed that the two shades are very similar; Tantalising Lovebird has a touch more red in it, but that's pretty much all the difference I can see.

I had to really load a brush with colour to get a good swatch of these eyeshadows.  Whilst the texture is supremely buttery soft and very easily blended, the colour payoff is a little on the sheer side for my liking.  The overall effect is soft and subtle, rather that overtly flashy.  Which is fine, but not usually what I go for.  That said, the finish on these eyeshadows is absolutely beautiful - the shimmer is so finely milled that you get a beautiful sheen rather than an obvious glitter or sparkle.  They're very reflective, but there's no chance of disco-ball sparkles, and no fallout.

The photos above show Veiled Lyrebird on the lid with a touch of Tantalising Lovebird applied at the outer corner and in the crease.  The effect is a subtle, flattering wash of colour with that very pretty sheen.  It's a pretty sophisticated look, when paired with black liner, and it works very well with a brick red lip.  The peachy pinky tones are very flattering to my hazel eyes.

The "long lasting" qualities in the name of the product relate to the 8 hour wear promised.  I routinely expect my eyeshadow to last 14 hours and up - and it usually does, thanks to some excellent primer, so I don't really think that this is a massive selling point.  If you're looking for long lasting eye makeup, I think primer is the key, rather than specially formulated eyeshadows - particularly if, like me, you suffer from oily lids.

Overall, I quite like these shadows - the buttery soft texture is a dream to use, the colours blendable, and the finish pearly and gorgeous.  For £11, I'm pretty happy.  But these shadows retail at a whopping £22 each at full price - which for me is just too much.  If you like to wear one or two colours as a wash across the lid in a more understated and subtle style for your eyes, you might find these more desirable, despite the price.  For me, though, they're just a little too expensive for a product that, whilst perfectly lovely, doesn't stand out enough to justify the difference in price.

If you'd like to explore Rouge Bunny Rouge's Long Lasting Eyeshadow, you'll find a full complement of shades at Zuneta, where they will cost £22 each.


  1. I think these do look lovely on you in the picture. The shades that were in the sale are not (unsurprisingly - they were on sale!) what I think of as the best shades in the line-up. I do like a very simple wash of one colour most days, and Solstice Halcyon has stopped my taupe-quest for a good year or more now.

  2. I also picked up Tantalising Lovebird in the sale and for me it's become a real go-to shade as it's not too pink or too coral. I already have Veiled Lyrebird and agree it's very similar but there is enough difference that I am happy to have both. I really like the simple look you have done, also what mascara do you have on as it is very black?

  3. I definitely agree, Lydia - the best shades weren't on sale. If they were, I suspect I'd have had better experiences! Even the lipsticks were uniformly brownish copper shimmers.

    Meeta, the mascara is Chanel Inimitable Waterproof - full review upcoming :)


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