Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Review - Rodial Glamtox Cleanser (AKA A-list Cleanser)

Disclosure - PR sample

British Beauty Blogger often asks how cleansers can have meaningful skincare benefits when they spend such a short time on your face. Even the most lavish of daily routines won't keep a cleanser in contact with your face for more than a few minutes. After that - it all just goes down the drain. What's the point? I've heard BBB ask this question of various PRs and experts, and I've never heard any truly convincing answers (yet).

Expensive cleansers with reputable ingredients are legion, however, so the practice of loading up cleanser with claims and hero ingredients must have some benefits, even if they're only psychological.

Rodial's Glamtox is one of these high-powered cleansers, containing almond, jojoba and wheatgerm oils, waterlily, plus (unspecified) amino acids and Vitamin C that are apparently able to lighten hyperpigmentation. I don't have any hyperpigmentation to speak of, but I do like a nice clean face and a luxurious cleansing experience, so I was pleased to be able to test this one out.

The product comes in a big silver tube, quite solid and sturdy to handle. There's an equally large and sturdy pump under the cap which neatly dispenses an appropriate amount of product. (So far 10/10 for user experience.)

The product itself is a semi-liquid balm with a colour and texture similar to Eve Lom's famous cleanser. It has an unusual but quite pleasant smell. The best way I can describe it is like an inadvertent mix of ingredient smells, rather than a deliberate fragrance. It smoothes over the face in a rich, oily layer, spreading easily and massaging in to lift off all dirt and makeup. I found that it removed all eye makeup very easily and without any irritation, even when massaged into the roots of the lashes.

Removal is easy, as the balm emulsifies off very well with water. I've been using one of Liz Earle's muslin cloths dampened with warm water to remove it. (Liz Earle's muslins are probably the best on the UK market.) This adds a bit of exfoliation to the process too.

After removal, the skin feels very soft, very smooth and definitely "cared for". I don't know if the active ingredients are at work or if it's just the combination of oil and massage, but I definitely feel that this cleanser does something to improve my skin's condition each time I use it.

I will probably not repurchase this as at £48 for 100ml, I can't afford to keep replacing it. However if your budget allows, I would recommend trying it, particularly for dry skin that's struggling in harsh winter conditions. It could make the difference between dry, dull flaking skin and a nice peachy glow to take you through to Spring.

Glamtox Cleanser (previously sold as A-List Cleanser) is available from Rodial online at www.rodial.co.uk.

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