Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Review: Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Waterproof Mascara

I'm a firm fan of Lancôme mascara.  When I reviewed Hypnôse Drama last year (before I started blogging with Sarah), I found true mascara love and repurchased at least three times - something virtually unheard of for me.  Having recommended Lancôme as a brand to my best friend for her wedding, I was reminded that the waterproof version of Hypnôse is now available - and chose to pick up a tube in New York a month ago.

With the same deeply bristled, curvy brush, the biggest difference between the waterproof and non-waterproof versions is in the formula, as you'd expect.  I was very disappointed to find that the addition of waterproofing ingredients had changed the formula from something layerable into something undeniably clumpy.  Check out this photo from a year ago, showing a grand total of three coats of the original Hypnôse Drama mascara, layered up but still well defined.

Unfortunately, I've not managed to work up to three coats of the waterproof variety.  I don't mind mascara that requires a bit more work to get a clean look, and this is often something that comes with using a waterproof formula; wiggling the brush carefully through the lashes for maximum definition, and using a clean spoolie in the case of bad clumping.

For this mascara, though, it's the inconsistency of the clumps that get on my nerves.  Some days, it goes on relatively well, requiring only a little bit of tidying, and some days I have to spend five minutes with a clean spoolie, trying to stop the uber-lash thing that has appeared over my eye.  The following photo shows the same amount of mascara applied in the same way on two different days.

The bottom two photos show much more clumping, even after working through with a spoolie, whereas the application in the top photo didn't require combing with a spoolie at all.

This inconsistency is pretty much the reason why I wouldn't repurchase this mascara: I simply don't trust it.  I can't rely on knowing how long it'll take me to get a good application with it, and so I won't use it in the mornings when I'm rushed for time.  Which, to me, means essentially I'm paying £20 for a special occasion mascara - which is a high price to pay for me, especially given that it will dry out within three months, and thus will have a very high cost per wear.

If you're looking for a rich, black, waterproof mascara that gives a very dramatic look, and you're perfectly happy to toil to achieve the look, this mascara is worth a try.  If, like me, you're a bit lazy and don't want to put in a variable amount of work to get decent definition... you'll probably find this to be too much work.

If you'd like to try Hypnôse Drama Waterproof, you'll find it at Lancôme counters at Boots, the usual department stores, or online at the Lancome website, where it will cost you £20.

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