Thursday, 16 December 2010

Review: Dr Nick Lowe The Secret Is Out Day and Night Cream

Disclosure: PR samples

At a recent event, Sarah and I got the opportunity to listen to Dr Nick Lowe himself talk a little about his experiences, his skincare brand, and about skin in general.  A consultant dermatologist with 400 papers and 17 books under his belt, he knows what he's talking about.  And after a few minutes of listening to him explain, patiently, what he believes does and doesn't work for skin, it's clear that this is a man more interested in talking about the science than promoting his products.  Which is refreshing indeed!

We left the event having been unable to speak to Dr Lowe one to one - hardly surprising when you've got 20-odd beauty enthusiasts in a room with a skincare expert - but clutching a bag of products to try out.  Fast forward a month and a half, and I've used up around half of each pot of the moisturisers in the Secret Is Out range, which is Dr Nick's most hardcore anti-aging line.

The Secret Is Out Lift and Repair Night Cream is geared towards dry and mature skins, with the words "tightening" and "hydrating" being the two used to describe its effects.  A very thick, almost heavy cream, it has a balm like texture, and despite its thickness is relatively easy to massage into the skin.  Only a little is needed to cover the whole face, and it remains on the skin for some time after initial application - and indeed, leaves a thin film of product even after half an hour.  Left on overnight, I awake with skin that feels soft and very plumped up, albeit with a little oiliness around my nose.  Despite being very, very hydrating, I've not found my skin rebelling and breaking out.

The Secret Is Out SPF 15 Anti Age Lifting Cream is also targeted at dry and mature skin, and has a lighter, more readily absorbed texture.  In fact, I need to use a fair bit of this to cover my whole face, as it begins absorbing into the skin immediately as you apply it.  I usually start off with a blob of cream and then massage it across my whole face, but with this product, I've been applying to one area of the face at a time, to avoid oversaturation.  The cream keeps the skin well hydrated throughout the day; I really appreciated this when I was sitting on top of tour buses in New York in bitingly cold cross winds.  The addition of SPF15, particularly that with UVA/UVB protection, makes this a great all round winter day cream.

And in terms of visible effects?  My skin has been kept very well hydrated this winter, and I've appreciated the richness of the products in protecting my skin from freezing temperatures and cold wind.  My dreaded frown lines don't seem to be showing much of an improvement, but my skin generally looks and feels well - and it definitely feels firmer to boot.  All in all, I'll continue to use this just because of its superb hydration - it performs better than any other moisturiser I've used recently - and I could definitely consider purchasing again next winter.  With my slightly-dry skin, though, I wouldn't use this year round; it's far too heavy for summer unless your skin is ultra-parched.

If you have dry or mature skin which needs some heavy duty moisturisation that lasts all day, then these products are well worth a try.  At £24.95 for the day cream, and £26.99 for the night cream, these are well priced mid-range products, which help the skin to look and feel healthy and well moisturised.  You'll find them exclusively in Boots stores, and online at

What do you think?  Tried any Dr Nick Lowe products?


  1. You're right about the night cream, I think the secret is in that film it leaves... It's one of the few moisturisers that manage to cling on to my skin all the way through the night despite all the tossing and turning I do!

  2. Bought a jar of the night cream on the strength of your review; used it for a bit, was thinking, naaah - then suddenly (after about a week) realized skin was supersoft + really smooth. Absolutely lovely. I am buying more! Thank you!

  3. Glad you're impressed! Hope it continues to work well for you :)


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