Wednesday, 22 December 2010

NARS Sheer Lipstick in Damage

If you read my recent post on meeting David Scheffen, international artist at NARS, then you might recall that I mentioned his amazing ability to pick out perfectly suiting shades almost immediately.  I also mentioned that he'd chosen the most beautiful lip colour for me - and this is it!  NARS Damage is a sheer, muted grape shade, which isn't too purple, and yet is far away enough from pink to be something a little different.

Needless to say, as soon as David applied this to my lips, I decided I had to have it, and immediately ran to Selfridges.  And I've used it rather a lot since - it's a great subtle colour to pair with a more dramatic or colourful eye without resorting to a nude lip.  The sheer formula is very buildable - I've layered a couple of passes up here so you can see the exact colour - and it's very moisturising.  

Moisturising sheer lipsticks don't often have great staying power, and this is the case here - I get maybe an hour or two out of an application before it fades and slips off my lips.  As it's so sheer, though, it's easy enough to slap on a little more without a mirror, so I don't really mind reapplying.

I can see this lipstick becoming a worn-down stump rather quickly, as it's quite unique in my collection, and as it's so very easy to wear.  Lovely.  

NARS lipsticks are available at the NARS website or on for £17.  I've got my eye on the cult favourite Dolce Vita next!


  1. This looks a lovely colour, I adore mauve pinks and this looks just the thing. I'd definitely recommend Dolce Vita, it is one of my most worn lipsticks X

  2. That is a really lovely colour. I'll have to take a look at this as this kind of shade really appeals to me, especially as it looks so easy to wear. Dolce Vita is very tempting too! x


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