Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Mum Reviews: Filorga Liss & Go

Disclosure: PR sample

Laboratoires Filorga started life as a science driven, high technology lab developing glycolic peels and and injectables such as dermal fillers.  In 2007, they branched out into similarly high tech skincare - as their website puts it, "the first French dermo-cosmetic range directly issued from aesthetic medicine".  If you like your skincare full of natural and organic ingredients, this range isn't for you - it's chock full of ingredients with long, chemical names, and is more concerned with function than any eco credentials.

At a recent introduction to the brand, I was introduced to the product pictured above, Liss and Go.  It's essentially a portable cotton bud, with the stem filled with a lifting serum designed to smooth out the undereye area.  I was told that it was ideal for occasions when you need to look and feel your best - an important meeting, first date, etc.  At £32 for 5 single use sticks, though, I'd probably need a very important occasion to justify the price.

Anyway - being that I've yet to hit my 30th birthday, I decided that my eyes, tired as they are, weren't the best test for this product.  So I asked my Mum to try them out and let me take close up photos of her undereye area.  Surprisingly, she agreed.

To use the sticks, you simply snap the white plastic tip and allow the serum to slide down into the cotton bud. Once all the liquid has been absorbed, you gently run the bud over the undereye area, paying particular attention to any crows feet, until the bud is empty.  There's plenty in each bud to adequately smooth over both under eye areas.

And the results?  Let's look at some before and after photos.



If you look closely, there's definitely a difference in the depth of some of the lines around the undereye area.  The crows feet at the corner of the eye definitely look plumped up, with the expression lines immediately under the eye looking less deep.  Overall, the effect is a smoother looking eye area - in context with the whole face, it makes a definite difference, but not an obviously noticeable one.  As well as the effect on the depth of the wrinkles, the serum also imparts a slight brightening effect.

The question remains - is this product really worth a whopping £6.40 per application?  Yes and no.  If I had a very special event coming up, which was likely to involve lots of being photographed (such as a wedding, my own or otherwise), then I might well be tempted.  For every day use, though, this product is just too expensive to be affordable to most women, however impressive the results.

If you'd like to try Filorga's Liss and Go, you can find it at House of Fraser's Apothecary, both instore and online, where it will cost you £32 for 5 sticks.

What do you think?  Is the effect worth the cost?


  1. I don't think this made any difference to my under eyes ... Why were you surprised that I would try this - anything to try and keep the ageing (?) process at bay for as long as possible ! And when you get to my age you don't really care who sees your face without any make-up ! In that vein - why did I not get to try the Estee Lauder eye stuff ???

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mum :D I disagree with you though, I think it did make a slight difference, if only a very small and unnoticeable one. And I apologise that I didn't give you the Estee Lauder eye cream!


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