Saturday, 4 December 2010

Full Cargo Range back in the UK via

Got some Cargo items on your Christmas list? Good news - the full range is once again available in the UK thanks to

We got all excited when Cargo was introduced at Sainsbury's nationwide last year. Unfortunately that didn't pan out, and it's now only available in a limited form at Boots. (Quite a few branches have a Cargo display, but only a tiny capsule collection of products is currently available.)

Happily, we're now re-united with the full Cargo range, including their buttery-soft blush tins (pictured left), the innovative Colorcard eyeshadow sets and the Blu-Ray collection, which is designed for close-up perfection.

Beauty Bay currently has all these, plus some interesting-looking kits and palettes, with prices starting from about £15.

If you're after the Cargo Plant Love range, you can find those at Puresha.

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  1. thanks for the heads up! I loveeee Cargo blushes <3 esp the Blu-ray HD one!


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