Friday, 10 December 2010

9 Days Of Blush

A while ago, a colleague and I were discussing blush: I own rather a lot of them, and she owns only a couple.  In her opinion, blush just pretty much looks pink on the skin - so why own more than one or two of them?  I decided that I'd take pictures of my makeup in the morning, with a variety of blush shades in use, and stick them all together so she could see the differing effects.  And use that as an excuse to buy herself some more blush, of course.

Excuse the varying degrees of poutiness or morning gormlessness.  These were mostly taken at 7.15AM, which is not really a time of day I'd choose to see, if choice came into it.

From left to right....

First row: Rouge Bunny Rouge Powder Blush in Florita, Le Metier de Beaute Cream Blush in Tenne, Philosophy Supernatural Mineral Blush+Bronzer in Healthy/Happy
Second row: MAC Powder Blush in Peachykeen, Laura Geller Baked Blush in Sunswept, Le Metier de Beaute Blonzer in Maldives Magic
Third row: Laura Geller Baked Blush in Pink Grapefruit, Shiseido Accentuating Powder Blush in Deepest Rose, Cargo SuedeBlush in Barbary Coast

From this, it looks like I mostly wear rosy pinks and neutral tawny colours.  Clearly, this means I need to experiment, probably by buying some new colours.

What colours do you wear most often?


  1. "Morning gormlessness" - hehe! You have great cheekbones...I think Laura Geller Pink Grapefruit suits you best. At the moment I'm using Sleek Rose Gold and Make Up Store's Lust, they're very similar coral-pinks with gold shimmer. Not sure how much they suit me though, but they are very pretty in the pan!
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    Kat x

  2. I love how the supernatural blush looks on you. Gorgeous! I have tons of blusher too, it's my favourite item of makeup

  3. HAHAHHAH I still can't see the difference! Well, a marginal difference, but nothing that's going to tempt me to run out and buy manymanymany blushes.... other than to have one warm, one cool to match warm/cool eye or lips.

    For me I think the blush world is divided into 3 sections: The peachy/corally blushes (my fav), the cool toned (baby pink, fuscia, rose), and the neutral browny-fawn-tan colours. Everything else is just a variation of how dark/ light/ saturated the colours are.... :D

    That said, your blush collection does look le FABULOUS on you!

  4. BTw, the eyemakeup on the bottom left and right corners are super awesome. :D

  5. Peachykeen & Pink Grapefruit look best and most natural on you... though I must say, your blush colors are very identical to each other hahaha... with that being said, i think you pull it off gorgeously!! =)

  6. I have to admit they all look pretty much identical to me, and usually I'm good at picking up these things D:

    Love the red lips!

  7. Somehow these looked more unique on my face than they do on camera: or at least that's how I'm choosing to justify my (still growing) collection :)

    From this, I've learned that the next blush I buy had better not be pink or beige. A worthy exercise at least!

  8. omg i was thinking the same the other day, how it all ends up looking pink.. but tbh I've only recently invested in more than 2 blushes, and I have to say I see a difference.. for instance the Sleek Rose Gold & Pomegranate are similar in that they have a shimmer element, but Pomegranate defo goes on darker than Rose Gold.. plus its more of a purple than peach colour in the container!

    I've got a scary orange one from NYX, which is pretty much what I see in America Ferrera in Ugly Betty!

    Some people use reds, and the Sleek Good Girl palette (that I happen to be giving away atm!) is a great way of trying different colours as blush =)


  9. They look quite similar, I think that experiment of more colours is in order! Purples, oranges, browns would be different since it mostly looks like reds and pinks. But at least you can have fun with blush. I wish I could but I look a clown (so far whenever I try)!

  10. Hiya, I was just wondering what colour lippy you're wearing in the central image, and is it the same as the one in the top right? I have very similar colouring to you, and am always on the hunt for amazing reds! ..Currently trying to find something beautiful yet very low maintenance so I've been looking at lip tars, they look pretty gorg!

  11. Hello Anon! Nope, they are different; the central one is Tom Ford Cherry Lush, and the top right is Estee Lauder Extravagant Berry.

    Lip Tars are no way low maintenance but if we have similar colouring Vintage is definitely worth the maintenance effort!

    Low maintenance wise, I'd recommend the Extravagant Berry lipstick, or something like NARS matte lipstick (I like Terre de Feu) patted on as a stain :)

  12. Ooh fab, thanks a lot for the quick reply! I will definitely be purchasing the estee lauder as it's really gorgoeus. As for the lip tars I'd heard that they lasted a while on the lips, is the problem that they smudge or that they don't last consistently?


  13. They do last a fair while, particularly if you work a small amount into the lip as more of a stain, but if you like an intense colour, you'll find that they bleed quite a bit. Also, they're best applied with a lip brush, so you have to take both tube of tar and lip brush with you for touch ups - a bit high maintenance but totally worth it in my mind!


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