Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wedding Makeup

When my friend Amanda asked me to help out with her wedding makeup, I was more than happy to help, but also rather terrified.  I mean, I think I'm reasonably good at applying makeup on myself; I'm used to the needs of my skin, my own bone structure, and the best way of opening up my eyes.  Someone else's face poses much more of a challenge, particularly if it's for arguably the biggest day of their life.

Anyway, we had a bit of a trial and came up with the vintage inspired look above.  Amanda herself seems happy, and looks absolutely gorgeous, so I'm feeling confident that we can pull it off on the Big Day.  The list of products used is far too long to be listed in its entirety here, but the highlights are:

Would you be comfortable doing your own makeup on your wedding day, or would a professional makeup artist be a must-have?  Have you ever done a friend's makeup on their big day?  Pass on your opinions, experiences and tips in the comments!


  1. I did my makeup for my own wedding and also the makeup for a friend and her bridesmaids at her wedding. I'd definitiely do my own again as I found it relaxing and calming to the nerves prior to walking down the aisle... It all depends on confidence. I also felt I didn't want a typical ultranatural bridal look and wanted the freedom to punch it up a bit without being tutted at (as I thought I would be...)
    The bride looks beautiful here - you did a lovely job!

  2. She looks absolutely stunning!
    I have never done any wedding makeup and I think it would be more challenging than doing my own one, for the reasons you expressed. For mine, I guess not having to do it would save me some stress but on the other hand, unless I'd hire hmm, say Sam Chapman or Lisa Eldridge (if you see what I mean), I wouldn't feel comfortable letting someone else doing it. Not because I'm being a snob but because of what I've seen done on most of my friends. I think these makeup artists are used to women who usually don't wear a lot and want a very soft makeup for their wedding, and that's just not me - I'd look underdone compared to my usual self.

  3. You did an awesome job!
    I think I would rather do my own. I know what I like and don't like.
    I did my cousin's makeup for her wedding. Nervous as hell but she liked it so that's all that matters :D

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments! She does look a picture, doesn't she?

    I completely agree about wanting more control and not going for the classic understated look: I went for pink and purple eyeshadow for my wedding day, I would have felt strange wearing all neutral. I think if you're the kind of person who wears makeup regularly, it's harder to turn over control to someone else when you know exactly how you like it!

  5. she looks really beautiful!! I love the look. I know what you mean when you said you got scared. I think I'm quite good at applying makeup on myself too but got really nervous when my friend asked me to do makeup on her family for a wedding! i was really scared and could feel i was shaking while applying the eyeshadow lol.. but then I got more comfortable when I saw the results! I did a good job especially when my friend asked me to do her makeup over and over again for more occasions. We just have to be more confident in ourselves I guess. If we know how to apply it on ourselves we won't do a bad job in applying it on others xoxo

  6. Oh, you're friend looks so beautiful, you've done a great job!
    Next year in July I'll be actually doing makeup for a very good friend of mine, and like you I feel both excited and scared. We'll probably be doing a bright pink lip and as she has perfect skin I think my job will be much easier.
    Btw, did you put any false lashes on her or are those her lashes (with help of Hypnose, of course)?

  7. I'd want to do my own, if I were getting married. I agree about the control. Hmmm, my sis is getting married next year - I'll have to ask her if she's doing her own or not. My other sis is a beauty therapist - perhaps she'll be doing the makeup.

    Your friend looks stunning though - good job! I love the strong lips - it really suits her! x

  8. Klara, there are no falsies - just a single coat of Hypnose Drama. She has the most amazingly full lashes! So jealous.

  9. I did my own. The mission to get good enough to do my own slap on the big day was one of the reasons I became so obsessed with makeup. I was obsessed before mind but until then I didn't blog etc x

  10. She looks gorgeous, love the lip colour. Good luck for the big day, I hope everything goes smoothly with ze makeup!

    I think I'll be getting somebody else to do my makeup when I eventually get married, because I want lovely airbrushed foundation :) and I think they'll be better than me at picking products that photograph well.

  11. Good job on the makeup! She looks beautiful and radiant.

    I think it depends on the makeup artist. I've had makeovers at Benefit and Elizabeth Arden counters before and did't like it as much as my gushing implied. However, at Mac...a completely different story. If it's a makeup artist I know/used before, I would be completely happy to hand over control and sit back to relax for a mo. Applying makeup myself on the big day just doesn't seem special enough. Saying that though, it all depends on the budget. I'm not paying hundreds for somethine I can easily achieve myself, when I'd probably rather blow the money on the honeymoon shopping!

    Incidentally, how long did it take for you to do the makeover?

  12. Cassie, it took about an hour and a half - we did stop and change some bits over, so hopefully won't take as long on the day!


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