Friday, 19 November 2010

Review: Rituals Shanti Shower Paste

My recent trip to New York saw me wandering around Heathrow Terminal 4 at six in the morning, eager to begin my holiday.  My husband had already begun his by drinking Guinness for breakfast, so I figured I might as well kick off by purchasing a product of some description (as you do).

I was met by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic man in the Rituals store - he took me through the whole range, and was very perky for that time of the morning.  After sticking a variety of scents under my nose, I settled on the Shanti Shower Paste.  Formulated with Indian Rose and sweet almond oil, it's got an exotic, heady scent which I absolutely love.  Rose products can veer towards being incredibly sweet, and luckily this isn't one of those scents - the undertones are more more sensual, almost oriental, making it a very sensual showering experience.

The paste itself is very thickly textured, and the word "paste" is entirely accurate.  This is one shower product that won't drip off your hand, to run wasted down the drain.  Massaged over the skin, it emulsifies slightly, but doesn't foam at all - and indeed, a quick look at the ingredients shows that it doesn't contain SLS.  Despite not lathering, the skin feels thoroughly clean after use, and very soft.  That gorgeous scent lingers on the skin for about an hour after use before fading away.

All in all, for a product I bought mostly on a complete whim, I'm very impressed.  If you're a regular reader, you'll know that I usually can be found lazing in the bath rather than having an efficient shower - but the heady, spicy scent, lack of down-the-drain wastage, and soft skin delivered by this might just tempt me into the shower more often!  I'll definitely be investigating more Rituals products soon.

If you'd like to try this for yourself, you'll find Shanti Shower Paste at the Rituals site where it will cost you £7.90 for 150ml.

Have you tried Rituals?  What's your take on the brand?

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  1. I’m glad someone has started to write about their range because I love Rituals. I use their orange shower foam; it smells delicious and a little goes a long way. The Samurai Shaving foam is also very good. I bought it for my hubby but now use it myself - a really thick lather that doesn’t disappear no matter how long you take to shave your legs.


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