Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Review - Clinique Strawberry Fudge palette (Christmas 2010)

Disclosure - PR sample

Clinique has never been a brand I would look to for innovative colour cosmetics. Harsh, perhaps, but true. I associate them more with skincare, and quality makeup basics like foundation and mascara, which they do very well indeed, but not colour. This perception has been challenged by the Strawberry Fudge palette, released for Christmas 2010 (available 12 Nov).

It's packaged in a solid double-walled plastic compact with a mirrored outer finish. The top of the palette is decorated with radiating circular lines - kind of bauble-like, but tastefully abstract. Inside, a large high-quality mirror takes up the entirety of the inner lid (excellent) and in the lower half, 3 eyeshadow pans and a large blush pan are arranged alongside a good-sized brush tray. I'm not wowed by the mini blush brush and applicator that come with the palette, but they're certainly fine for travel.

Overall, the packaging is very well designed and seems durable. (I'm not going to drop it on purpose to test that theory. I like it too much.)You can even lift out the insert containing the pans and brush tray, to give the palette extended use as a compact/mini brush case once you've exhausted the pans.

Colour-wise, I'm truly impressed. The star of the show is a perfectly balanced, vibrant and eye-catching pink/gold duochrome. It's by no means my only pink-gold duochrome, but it stands out a mile due to the way the pigmented base perfectly complements the gold highlight. In a makeup collection (such as mine) where duochromes abound, this one easily takes the top spot. In use, it actually does look like two equally pigmented eyeshadows blended together, not just a main colour with a slight cast on top of it. It's backed up by a sophisticated warm raisin shimmer that provides a perfect crease accent, and a versatile matte that's somewhere between black, grey and brown. Here are all three shades on the eye, photographed in sunlight and lamplight.

The blush, New Clover, is available individually and is apparently the inspiration for the whole palette. It's one of Clinique's strongest sellers and is a matte dusty pink that would work on pretty much anyone.

All in all, this palette is highly recommended and well worth the £25 price tag.


  1. i love clinique's skin care products! i've been using the dramatically different moisturizer for like 4years now.. their make up lacks abit of experimentation I guess.. but as you said they're really good for the basics xoxo

  2. The eyeshadows look gorgeous on you!!

  3. love the eye shadows! <3



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