Wednesday, 24 November 2010

NOTD: Orly Out Of This World

Another day, another Orly polish - having absolutely loved Halley's Comet, from the Cosmic FX collection, I just had to buy a few more.  This is Out Of This World, a gorgeously foily plum with duochrome shimmer.

In most lights, it's a deep, rich purple, with blue, purple and red microsparkle.  Under some lights (most notably the flourescents in my office), the sparkles look bronze, completely transforming the look of the polish.  So, so pretty.  This one isn't quite so flashy as Halley's Comet - it doesn't have that ethereal inner glow - but it's still a gorgeous winter option.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you'll find it at Beauty Chamber, where a bottle will cost £8.95.

This photo was taken after two or three days of wear - the shrinkage at the tips is due to the bottle of Seche Vite I picked up in the US.  Having not used Seche for a while, I really noticed the shrinking effect this way round.

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