Friday, 5 November 2010

Guest Review - Bourjois Smoky Trio eyeshadow in Nude Ingenu

Disclosure - PR sample

A guest review from writer Vick Guthrie.

When I hear ‘smoky eyes’, I think dark, dramatic and sexy. So when this palette turned up on my desk, I was a little surprised to find the Smoky Trio in Nude Ingenu consisted of a shimmer and a medium and dark brown (complete with a dinky little applicator).

I enjoy most of Bourjois’ products, but found myself not using the light, shimmery colour; I felt it worked best with the two browns on their own. Personally, I would swap the shimmer for a natural, matt skin tone. However, if you like a bit of glamour then this trio would be perfect for you. The deeper brown looks really dark in the palette, but you need to apply a few layers for it to show up the same colour on your lids (the shimmer and darker brown work well individually, too). I’d recommend using the two brown shades in the day, then adding the shimmer and reapplying the darker brown for an evening look.

As far as wear goes, the Smoky Trio is pretty average – though the packaging says it lasts for eight hours, I’d suggest using a primer to keep it in place and in tip top condition all day (I’d recommend a GOSH eye primer). The consistency was quite smooth and creamy for a powder eye shadow, and the colours merge together easily, but the shimmer is really difficult to blend into your skin. Unless you use a primer, don’t expect it to stay on crease free all day.

This palette comes in trusty Bourjois packaging, albeit with dodgy hinges (maybe I need to take care of my products better – anyone else have this problem with their packaging?). But, for the price, you can’t go far wrong with this product – it’s effectively four different effects in one, and comes in eight different colour variations.

The brown trio gives a sultry, yet sophisticated look for everyday wear. Team it with a slick of peach lipgloss and a flawless matt foundation for an undeniably sexy look.

(Right eye: medium brown and dark brown. Left eye: all 3 colours)


  1. Well.......if you actually knew how to apply a Smokey Eye, then this could be a valid review. The application techniques shown in your pictures are totally misinformed.

  2. If you know so much better, Anonymous commenter, perhaps you'd like to do a guest post for us on how to do the perfect smoky eye and lay yourself open for similar criticism?

    Let us not forget that makeup is for everyone, regardless of their level of skill, and as we are a blog driven by consumer reviews, calling a review invalid based on lack of professional skills is rather silly.


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