Thursday, 4 November 2010

FOTD Too Faced Naked/Natural Eye palettes

Disclosure - the Tom Ford & Royal Brush products featured here are PR samples 

Just me playing with a new purchase really - I bought the Too Faced Naked eye palette last week and I wanted to see how it compared to the Natural eye palette. I used colours from both Naked and Natural palettes for this look. The lips are Tom Ford Private Blend in Moroccan Rouge.

Here are the two Too Faced palettes together. Left is Natural Eye, which is warm toned, and right is Naked Eye, which is cool toned (although that pink there is a bit of a rogue inclusion as it comes out totally gold when applied.)

Individually, these are decent palettes. Combined, the shade range is superb, and I think the combination is much greater than the sum of its parts. If you own one of these and aren't wowed by it, consider buying the other one too. (I know I sound like a salesman here, but it's true.)

Too Faced, if you're listening - you should have put out a bumper limited edition Natural/Naked palette for Christmas. It would have given Urban Decay's Naked palette a real run for its money. Too late now. Next year maybe. (And while you're at it, the drawer with the pointless brush in it is a real waste of space. And put in a mirror as well. Thanks.)

NB the text on the Natural Eye palette is Tippexed out because I got really tired of having my prudish awkwardness triggered by the porn-tastic shade names.

Couple more pictures:

Also used for this look - Cargo Oil Free foundation, Illamasqua Motto brow powder, Too Faced Papa Don't Peach blush, No. 7 Exceptional Definition mascara and various Royal brushes.


  1. Omg I fail at life, in my brain the Natural and Naked eye palettes were the same thing O__O

  2. Moroccan Rouge is stunning. I may say it again just in case Santa is watching. Tom Ford Moroccan Rouge is gorgeous.

    The eye look is very nice, I like pretty and flattering neutrals. I had no idea these were two different palettes either!
    Jane x


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