Thursday, 7 October 2010

w7 Hollywood Glamour matte lipsticks

Disclosure - PR sample

W7 is a brand that I see whenever I go cruising around the internet for a cosmetic bargain at sites like Blush Cosmetics or FragranceDirect. Their products are playfully packaged and their range is extensive, but you won't find them on the high street. They seem to specialise in wholesaling to online retailers, and as such I'd never seen any of their products in person until these samples arrived.

We were sent 3 of the 6 shades in W7's Hollywood Glamour matte lipstick range, inspired by the cinematic stars of yesteryear. From left to right, Naked, Tender Touch, and Damson.

As the £2.99 price-point suggests, these are not luxury products. The packaging is decidedly "cheap and cheerful" with a clear snap-on cap and a light, plasticky tube. The white logo on the cap is superficially stamped on and actually transferred partially onto the cellophane wrapper when it was removed. However the action of the twist-up portion is smooth and the bullet seems securely placed, so it feels like the essentials are there. We liked the "w7" logo embossed on the tip of the bullet too, although swatching had largely removed this by the time these pictures were taken.

The texture of the lipstick is quite pigmented, and although there's a slight waxy dragging effect, application is good. (Bear in mind here that the bar for matte lipsticks around here has been set pretty darn high by NARS Pure Matte range.) I was pleasantly surprised by how light and comfortable they are to wear, and found them less drying than some pricier mattes I've tried.

Here are the colours applied:


Tender Touch


Overall - these lipsticks are a nice cheap treat, or a good solution for those who like to wear lipstick only on one-off occasions.

To buy W7 products, call 01753 639713 for stockists. Or just google "W7 cosmetics", as they're stocked by quite a few online stores.


  1. OHH I saw these in a shop called 'Dazzle' the other day. The second one is my favourite! xx

  2. im pretty sure I've seen them in Ethel Austin or Peacocks.. I've always thought they were too cheap to try though, thinking I'd probably have an allergic reaction to them, but now you mention it, i'd probably give it another look if i came across it again =)


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