Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tom Ford For Christmas

While many of us would love to wake up to Tom Ford himself for Christmas, it's pretty unlikely.  However, you can grab a little bit of Mr Ford's highly luxe and aspirational (read expensive) line in a very lovely Christmas set.

Comprising of a solid fragrance in a beautiful black compact, nail polish and lipstick in a limited edition black case, the Black Orchid collection is a very, very luxurious gift.  I found myself thinking that, at £90, it's a fairly reasonably priced set... until I realised that at £30 per item, it's still incredibly expensive by normal standards.  That said, I doubt that there'd be many women who wouldn't appreciate it turning up in their Christmas stocking.  

At the recent unveiling of the Black Orchid set, I also got to have a good look at the infamous Private Blend lip colours in their original white and gold packaging.  Having smooshed a few shades onto my lips, I found them to be rather gorgeous in texture, silky smooth and luxurious, and very pigmented.  A more in depth review should be coming along shortly.

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  1. Very luxe!!

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