Friday, 15 October 2010

Today only: Stupidly good Nails Inc offer - 10 polishes for £25!

Via Lipglossiping (that temptress of an enabler), here's an offer that'll have you sprinting for your debit card. 10 Nails Inc polishes for £25, available online today only.

You get:

Berkeley Square – dark grey (nice)
Eagle Street – dusky nude (nice)
Duchess Street – vibrant purple (oh yes)
The Vale – deep plum (eh)
Eden Grove – vibrant teal (totally!)
Montrose Place – iridescent hot pink (less sure)
Buckingham Street – hot pink glitter (maybe over black)
Dean Street – pillar box red (can't go wrong)
Maple Street – metallic brown (nice for autumn)
Shelton Street – gold glitter (handy to have)

There's enough good stuff in there to make this deal totally worthwhile in my opinion, and even if you don't love them all, at this price you can happily give some away to friends and family.
Charlotte's also turned up a handy discount code that promises a further £5 off.

AND - Nails Inc are doing a postal promotion at the moment too, so you can get next day delivery for the usual standard delivery rate of £3.95.

Just think, this time tomorrow you could be happily painting each nail a different colour, high school style.

Go get 'em! (I'm typing in my card details right now.)


  1. This (although it would have been a gift for my sister, as I ruin my nails on Xbox controllers) and the Sugarpill sale within days, and I am utterly, completely broke until Tuesday.

    FML. There had better be some spectacular, dizzying, fit-inducing sales on Tuesday!

  2. I'd love Eden Grove, but I've bought too many of these sets in the past to justify!

  3. Great! Thanks for the tip! Looking forward to receiing it!


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