Friday, 15 October 2010

Review: TRESemme Salon Professional Curls Styling Wand

Disclosure: PR sample

TRESemme, king of reasonably priced shampoo and styling products, has brought out a range of styling appliances.  Sarah reviewed the Volume Styler that she'd been given to trial a while ago, and I received the Styling Wand - a conical ceramic styling wand which heats to around 200 degrees to give perfect, glossy curls.

The styler comes accompanied by a heatproof mat (which also wraps around the wand for storage) and a heatproof glove.  The basic premise is that you hold the wand vertically with the cool tip pointing downwards, using your gloved hand to wrap strands of hair around the barrel.  After spending a bit of time holding it the wrong way up and failing to make any curls (which is what happens when you don't read the instructions), I soon got the hang of using the wand to create gorgeously smooth loose curls.

The wand has three heat settings, for fine, normal and coarse hair.  I went straight for the coarse setting, as my hair is colour treated and quite unruly, and found that the wand managed to create curls pretty well at that setting, which is the hottest - I'd recommend trying out the lower settings first so as not to damage the hair, as the hottest setting is indeed very hot.

My next test was to hand the wand over to my good friend and hairdresser Silvie, who usually uses a Babyliss  curling wand day-to-day.  While she was initially sceptical, being that TRESemme isn't a brand you'd usually associate with professional usage, she quickly warmed to the wand - praising in particular the integrated stand above the grip, which allows you to set the wand down without any hot parts touching the surface you've stood it on.  She also liked the way that the heatproof map wraps around the wand, eliminating the worry of any residual heat damaging surfaces once you're done curling.

Overall, I've been very impressed with the quality of the TRESemme wand - it performs on a par with other professional wands I've used (via Silvie) in the past, and it's also very reasonably priced at around £29.  The curls it creates, spritzed with a bit of hairspray, last for around 8 hours for me, which is pretty good: my hair doesn't hold a style very well.  If you've got a hankering for a conical styler, you can't really go wrong with this!

Available at Boots, Tesco, and online at Just Beautifully, and it will cost you around £29.

What do you think?  Love conical stylers?  Tried this?


  1. It does look good, but the kind of curls it seems to create you could achieve with GHDs?!

  2. Quite possibly, if you a) own GHDs or decent straighteners (which I don't!) or b) are capable of creating curls with straighteners; it requires a bit of dexterity which I don't have :D

  3. Very pretty curls, like Marie Antoinette.

  4. Your hair looks great! Love the colour and it's super-shiney! All down to the wand? x

  5. The shine is down to the heat, yep!

  6. its true using GHDs to do this did take me a little while!! watched many a you tube post on it before I mastered it :)

  7. Hi sorry for the late comment. I recently bought this and I was wondering if the heat protection glove that came with it only suppose to protect my hand from keeping in touch with the curler? Or is it used to hold up my hair? Because I stupidly put my whole hand with the gloves on top of my hair with the curler and it was unbearably hot(200 dc) Thanks


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