Monday, 11 October 2010

Review: Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

Disclosure: PR samples

I know we're a bit late to the game with this review, as Tom Ford's infamous lipsticks have been available for quite some time now.  At a recent event, I was given the opportunity to play with the lipsticks in the flesh, and was sent a couple of colours afterwards.  And you know what?  While I wasn't all that interested in these from the press and blog coverage, I definitely am now I've seen them for myself.

Part of my initial meh-ness was down to the staggering £35 price tag.  The most expensive lipsticks in my collection are my Edward Bess ones, which cost £24 - and I cringed at the price of those.  So I couldn't really think of any reason why anyone would actually spend £35 on a single lipstick.

The answer is that these glorious bullets of colour are the very epitome of luxe.  Unlike my Edward Bess lipsticks, these have a weighty, luxurious gold and white case, which feels incredibly solid and really stands out amongst all the other lipsticks in my collection.  There's no printed on labelling here; Tom Ford's name is embossed atop the golden lid.  The overall feeling is very classy, and very high end.

But what of the lipsticks themselves?

 Cherry Lush

Moroccan Rouge

The formula is typical of the signature lipsticks many brands have been creating recently: high pigmentation; emollient, creamy texture; and a finish with a pretty sheen.  There's no sparkle; the colours, although intense, take a couple of passes across the lips to build up full opacity, so they can be worn slightly more sheer as well.  That luscious, moist sheen does dry down within an hour of so after application, but retains a little bit of shine.

I've found the lasting power to be pretty decent, provided you let the initial application, which is almost too creamy and moist, dry down and set on the lips before you kiss anyone, smoosh your lips together, or have a drink.  I found I needed to reapply a couple of times throughout the day, particularly with Cherry Lush, which is a gorgeous clean red of the kind that requires a lot of maintenance.  But part of that need to reapply may have been down to wanting to get that gorgeous tube out of my handbag!  Anyway, by the end of the day, the colour had built up on my lips without drying them out to excess, and I also found no problems layering the colour either.  

Am I sounding a little bit in love with this lipstick?  If so, it's because I am in love with them, just a little bit.  Despite the incredibly high price, this is a product worthy of inclusion in any lipstick lover's collection; a little slice of absolute luxury, which is a pleasure to use not just because of its gorgeous packaging, but because it has a lovely formula too.  I am actually thinking that next time I go to Selfridge's, I'll pick another one up.  And at £35 each, that's a pretty high recommendation.

Available in eleven shades that span neutrals, brights, and darks, Tom Ford's Private Blend Lip Colour is available at Selfridges online and in store, where it will cost you £35. 

What do you think?  Too much to pay, or luxurious treat?


  1. These look absolutely beautiful, but at £35, I don't think there's a chance I'll ever buy one!

  2. wow that is expensive but they do look amazing!

  3. these look beautiful

    xoxo stay fabulous


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