Saturday, 2 October 2010

Review: RoC Hydra Anti-Fatigue Moisturiser

Disclosure: PR sample

RoC's latest skincare release focuses on tired, dull skin, promising to reduce the signs of fatigue whilst keeping skin hydrated, and promoting brighter, more radiant skin.  The range consists of an eye cream and two moisturisers - a light variety, targeted at normal to oily skins, and a rich variety, which is for normal to dry skin.

I've been trialling both moisturisers - I've been using the rich version at night, and the light version as a day cream.  I've got combination to dry skin - my skin is mostly a little bit dry, but with a t-zone that can run to being a tiny bit shiny at the end of a long day.

I've found that the light cream is actually very moisturising for something intended for an oilier skin - a small amount keeps the skin feeling well moisturised all day, with a slight residue that doesn't quite disappear.  I've also found that if you attempt to massage the light cream into the skin too much, it forms those annoying little threads of moisturiser and rolls off the face.  I'd be hesitant to recommend this to someone with oily skin as a day cream - it's just a little bit too rich.  For someone with drier skin, this would probably provide a good balance between all day hydration without excessive richness.

The rich cream is significantly richer than the light cream, as you'd expect - on my skin, it felt heavier and much more emollient.  Despite this, it sank in relatively quickly, and didn't have the same pilling problem as the light cream.  Left on overnight, I awoke to skin that felt smooth, not at all overloaded or oily, and very well hydrated.

And the results?  Well, I'm not entirely sure.  My skin did indeed feel well hydrated and plumped up, and I did feel that there might have been a small increase in the overall brightness of my skin.  I wasn't, however, blown away by the effects.  This might be connected to that fact that my very well exfoliated and Clarisonic-ed skin doesn't suffer all that much from dullness.  For someone with a more dry, dehydrated skin, these products could well prove to be an excellent, everyday, well priced moisturiser - but unfortunately not for me.

If this product sounds like it would be better suited to your skin and you'd like to try it for yourself, you'll find it at RoC stockists including Boots, where the moisturisers will cost £14.99 each, and the eye cream £10.99.


London Beauty Queen said...

I've been trying this too and completely agree with you. Perfectly nice moisturiser but a bit too heavy for me in the day - but i does do that peely thing that annoys me! Maybe better for someone with dry or dull skin.

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