Saturday, 23 October 2010

Review: Naked Take Control Firm Hold Styling Gel

Disclosure: PR sample

Naked are a LBR staple: we both love their foaming products, which are SLS free and rather gloriously scented, and I'm a convert to their conditioners, which work fabulously well on hair that's sworn off SLS and silicone.

Their Take Control firm hold styling gel has the same eco and skin friendly credentials: no silicones, vegetarian and vegan, and with very little weight to it, the instructions direct you to apply to dry hair and allow to dry.

Well.. that's not quite how I use it.  Styling gel is not just the bastion of those looking for a slicked back, well held style - it's also very useful for controlling curls whilst they air dry.  I apply a glob of gel to my wet hair, scrunch thoroughly (how very 80s), and leave to dry.

The aim is to reduce the frizz that can form during the four or five hours it takes to air dry my hair.  And the result is indeed less of the fuzzy edged look that I hate so much; it's not miraculous by any means, but it definitely does help.  Curls are also enhanced and defined by scrunching gel into wet hair; the scrunching action helps to form the ringlet shape, and the gel itself helps to hold that shape whilst the hair dries.

So far, I've told you mostly why gel is useful in general, and not much about the Naked gel specifically.  Let's remedy that with a handy list:

  • As with all Naked products, it's incredibly light. No build up, no residue, no heaviness.
  • The scent is pretty much undetectable on the hands and in the hair
  • Once dry, the hair is completely non crunchy.  Not one jot of crunch.
  • Despite the presence of alcohol in the ingredients, it's not drying at all
All in all, a pretty serviceable gel, for use on wavy/curly hair.  While the lack of crunch may be a positive point for most people, I actually prefer a bit of crunch - it signifies an ultra-strong hold which really secures the curls in place whilst they dry, keeping frizz and flyaways to a minimum.  Anyway - that's just me.  For most people, I imagine the lack of crunch is a good thing.

If you'd like to try this one out for yourself, you'll find it at Boots, where it will cost £1.99 for 150ml, or on Naked's website, where it will bizarrely cost you quite a bit more, at £3.49 for 150ml.

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  1. Ooh, this range sounds really good! I was on the hunt for some styling products that didn't have silicone in them so I'll have to check them out next time I'm in a bigger Boots store.


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