Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Review: Melvita Tired Hair Conditioner

 Disclosure: PR sample

Melvita, the French organic brand, has recently released a range of sulphate free hair care products.  The range includes products for all hair types, all of which contain certified organic ingredients and promise to leave the hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.

Luckily for me, the products are also silicone free - and so I was very pleased to be able to try out the Tired Hair conditioner.  I'll admit that I chose it partially because I'm not actually sure what tired hair is - but as most of me is generally tired, maybe my hair was too.

Packaged simply in a squeezy bottle, the conditioner dispenses into the hand in the form of a fairly thick cream.  Upon sticking my fingers into it and spreading it through my hair, however, I found that it was much lighter and more spreadable than its thickness implied.

My hair, according to my hairdresser, is relatively fine, but I have rather a lot of it.  I found that because the conditioner was so light and my hair so voluminous, I needed a good amount to adequately saturate my hair.  Admittedly, because I wash my hair with conditioner as well as using it along the midlengths and ends, I probably get through a bit more than the average person, but after two uses I found that I'd used about 40% of the bottle.

Once my hair had dried, I found that it was indeed soft and shiny, and definitely not weighed down; in fact, it was the opposite, being a little bit flyaway.  My hair is quite dry and needs a good bit of moisture, and I suspect that "tired hair" is equivalent to normal to oily hair.

Although this conditioner isn't really suitable for my hair type, I've really enjoyed using it, not least because of its scent, which is rather unusual - where haircare products are usually scented with fresh, clean scents, the Tired Hair conditioner is warmly and spicily scented with geranium oil.  This scent sticks around for a good few hours after use, and is absolutely gorgeous - I kept holding bits of hair in front of my face to get a good sniff.

All in all, this is a lovely light conditioner which would be very suitable for people with normal to oily hair.  At £9 for 200ml (or £18 for 500ml), Melvita hair care products are very reasonably priced, particularly for an organic range.  Definitely worth investigating - I'll be putting the Dry Hair conditioner on my to-buy list for the future.

If you'd like to try this conditioner, or any of the other products in the range, you can find them at the Melvita website, where 200ml bottles will cost you £9, and 500ml bottles £18 across the range.

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