Friday, 1 October 2010

Review - Bourjois Volumizer Mascara

Disclosure - PR sample

Bourjois' newest mascara has just hit the stands, and you'll almost definitely have come across it if you frequent Boots and Superdrug, where it's currently being promoted with special offers a go-go. The claim is up to 11x greater volume for your lashes with no clumps, guaranteed. The "up to" renders the first claim pretty meaningless, but the 11x sounds very impressive nonetheless.

I rate Bourjois very highly for their mascaras, and would pick their Volume Intense and Liner Effect over high-end mascaras at twice the price. So my hopes were high for this. 

I was lucky enough to receive this tube pre-launch, and I've been playing around with it for about a week now. It's structurally quite impressive - Bourjois have done away with the double ended two-brush concept they did so well with Coupe de Theatre, and have gone instead for one brush but with two different valves at the opening. (Yes, *valves*.) Two lids, two openings, two valves, one brush.

Here comes the science bit...

The "Step 1" screw top lid pulls the brush out through the thinner of the two openings. This means that more product is scraped off the brush by the more constrictive valve, and a more natural, sparing effect is achieved on the eyes. Here's the look:

So far, so good. Step 2, the lower screw top lid, has a wider opening and valve, so more product is left on the brush. You can see that the wand appears thicker - the thinner "Step 1" valve is a long tube which sits on top of the actual wand. Like so:

Here you can see both lids unscrewed and the brush being pulled through valve number 1. That little blob on the left is the quantity of product that gets scraped off for Step 1 and remains on the brush for Step 2.

Step 2 is where the guaranteed lack of clumps is put to test. There's a LOT of product on that brush. The first couple of times I used the mascara, I saw no clumps at all and was duly impressed. But after a week (only a week, mind you) of this mascara hanging out in my makeup drawer, I'm seeing a definite "glob" factor:

Just call me "Three Lash". Not good. On seeing this, I pulled out Step 1 again and tidied up a bit, and that seemed to help, but I'd say Step 2 needs to be used with caution - wipe off excess on a tissue, swirl the wand in the neck of the tube, or have a lash comb ready. I'll be sticking with Step 1, myself. Guaranteed no clumps? I'm afraid in my case that's just not true, although with a bit of careful work and a lash comb, you can create a good fan of lashes. Here's a less damning picture, post-comb:

Volumizer is Bourjois' priciest mascara to date, costing £10.99. While I love the ingenuity of the design, and for the first few days was very impressed with the performance, I have to say I don't love this the way I have loved Bourjois' previous efforts. I'll stick with my old favourites for now, but I'll be keeping an eye out (arf!) for whatever Bourjois comes up with next.

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  1. Oh God. The dreaded 3-lash, I think, has put me off.

  2. Thank you so much for the review! :)

  3. I bought a Bourjois mascara once, and I was actually scared of it, too big and gloopy and it felt as if I was using a roller brush to apply my mascara, I love much of the Bourjois range and can't understand why their mascara is so hit and miss - thanks for this, not one for me! Jan

  4. I'm currently using the Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Care (and intend to review it) and had a similar experience regarding clumping. For the first few days I was absolutely delighted as it went on so smoothly and gave me lovely looking clump-free lashes, but soon the formula seemed to get thicker (presumably because it had been opened) and now I have to be more careful.

  5. @Ruth don't be put off! Just make sure you use a lash comb with it. It works well with a bit of TLC.

    @Stavroula you're very welcome

    @listickmama what I like about Bourjois mascaras is that the brush tends to be very different every time, so there's usually something in the range for you whoever you are. I recommend their Liner Effect one if you want a more precise brush.

    @Julianne that's funny, I love the Ultra Care one and it's actually the one I keep in my handbag because I trust it not to gloop on me if I apply it hastily. I guess it's just luck how different things work for different people. Or maybe it's to do with how well the shop take care of their stock and how long it sits around on the shelf before you buy it. Hope you have better luck with your next purchase.

  6. i reaaaaally want a great mascara that is not too costly, im a teenager too. is this a good buy? thanks


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