Saturday, 9 October 2010

Review - Bourjois Liner Pinceau in Gold (Or neo-classique)

Disclosure - PR sample

This new Liner Pinceau shade is part of Bourjois' Autumn-Winter collection. For me, it stands out among the collection (and indeed the Bourjois eyeliner range in general) because of its unusual tone. Rather than the straight gold you might expect from the name, Or neo-classique is a very cool, light metallic beige, a sort of dirty pewter colour. It's extremely pretty.

It can be applied on the upper lashline or smudged on with a finger to provide a polished yet understated effect. It's a very simple step that makes a real difference to the eye. I prefer this to a wash of eyeshadow, because it doesn't require a base to prevent creasing - it just sits on the lashline without needing any prepping or priming.

The tube is a pleasingly tapered screw-top design with a thin, precise brush and a tactile embossed logo on the lid. The formula is quite thin, but not to the point of needing multiple coats to achieve opacity. Wear is good, although I wouldn't take the 16h wear claim too literally. Even if it smudges a bit by lunchtime (as I found it tended to do) the pale colour is very forgiving - it's not like a black liquid liner where any smudging spoils the look.

For me this is a great alternative to dark liner that provides a quick and easy way to "wake up" the eye on a winter morning. It's also very reasonably priced at £5.99 for 2.5ml.

Verdict - sleek, low priced good quality product in a stunning and unusual shade. Recommended!

Find Liner Pinceau Or neo-classique and the rest of the Bourjois A/W collection at Bourjois is widely available via Boots, Superdrug and other chemist-type retailers.


  1. ooh I missed this post, it looks lovely!

  2. Do want. In a pinch I could use it all over the lid as a base, aweep a little powder over, darken crease and 5 minute make-up! Hooray.


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