Monday, 25 October 2010

Review: Andrea Fulerton Nail Tattoos

The reputation of nail art has changed somewhat recently.  Barry M's crazily popular Instant Nail Effects and YSL's Couture Manicure have helped to capture the imagination of those of us who are ordinarily too lazy or busy to dedicate the time to nail art.  Having discovered the joys of interesting nails myself recently, I've been keeping a look out for products that help to get that ornate look with as little effort as possible.

Andrea Fulerton's Nail Tattoos are one of those products.  Available in Superdrug stores alongside her acclaimed nail varnishes (which I intend to investigate further soon), there are four designs available: crosses, chains, locks and keys, and skulls and crossbones.  Quite simply, you peel off one of the tiny decals, press it firmly down on clean or polished nails, whack on some topcoat, and voila!  Instant nail art.

I purchased some skulls and crossbones, using one of the skulls and one of the crossbones to create a slightly skew piratey motif on my thumbnail.  I made the mistake of applying the tattoos to polish that was still slightly wet - so I ended up with a little bit of bubbling as I pressed down.  A good layer of topcoat prevented it from looking weird, though, and the tattoo lasted on my thumb for about four days before I decided to change my polish.

I was highly tempted to put another skull and crossbones on my other thumbnail, facing the opposite way, and  make them talk to each other.  I'm easily amused like that.

All in all, these tattoos are great fun, and help even the least arty person (that's me!) create an interesting design.  They're pretty easy to apply, provided that you follow the (very simple) rules - make sure your polish is absolutely dry before application to prevent bubbling, and go heavy on the topcoat - I found that the edges were prone to lifting if I didn't use enough.

At the very reasonable price of £1.99 for a sheet, I've very much enjoyed using these - but I'd love to see some more designs.  Four is quite limited!

If you'd like to try these for yourself, you'll find them at Superdrug, where they cost £1.99 a sheet - and currently come free with any purchase from the Andrea Fulerton nail line.  Bargain!

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