Monday, 4 October 2010

NOTD: OPI Show It & Glow It

Disclosure: PR sample

This is one of six glitters available as part of OPI's latest range, Burlesque.  It's one of their gorgeously intense glitters, and three coats gives you a glorious opaque finish.  It's not quite as bumpy as you'd think, given the density of the glitter, and with a bit of topcoat, it's almost "normal" smoothness.

The blurry photo shows the true extent of the sparkle you get from these: my nails caught the light beautifully, reflecting a myriad of colours.  OPI describes this colour as purple, but I'd say it's more of a dark pink, with dark silver, blue, and golden glitter particles - but as you can see, the sparkle is truly rainbow toned.

Unfortunately for me, three coats of this polish formed such an opaque layer of glitter that I found it pinged off in nail-shaped pieces after about 32 hours of wear.  So if you're looking for an intense look to last you the duration of one party this season, this'll be fine - but if you prefer your glitter to last longer, this might work better as a topcoat (which I fully intend to try next!).

Available now, the Burlesque collection is made up of six glitters, and six shimmer shades.  A 15ml bottle will cost you £9.95 from Lena White.


  1. This is verging on slightly too much gliter-arma for me. But I love the colour, which redeems it. It's very Christmassy. Oh, now I'm in too minds whether I like it or not! xx

  2. It is rather Christmassy - I can imagine it would be very good for a very sparkly New Years Eve too!

  3. This looks lovely, I'm not usually one for glitter but I'm really tempted by these. As nothing ever lasts on me, the staying power isn't too much of an issue!

  4. SO MUCH GLITTER OMG :D Ew I know what you mean about the nail pieces though, I layered the crap out of a sheer glitter polish the other week and they all came off like little shells! Though it was better than having to actually remove it with nail polish, haha.


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