Monday, 18 October 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Pastel Polish

Disclosure: This polish was a gift from a friend, who received it at a recent Eyeko event.  So it's not a PR sample, but I still didn't pay for it myself.

Eyeko's Pastel Polish is a beautiful, pale blue shade which appears to have a cream finish.  Thanks to a very subtle shot of mid-blue shimmer, though, it looks like a gorgeous, glowing pale blue which catches the light so prettily.  Personally, I think Pastel is a very unremarkable name for such a remarkable colour; I probably would have called it Moonstone, myself!

The texture of the polish is a little on the thick side for my liking; this is three coats, each of which was pretty thick and consequently took absolute ages to dry.  The polish is also a little sheer; despite the three thick coats, I can still see a bit of visible nail line in some lights.  There's great scope for streakiness too - a hefty application of topcoat is definitely required.

That said, though, the wear has been excellent for a product that costs a mere £3.50 - these photos were taken after four days, and it's only starting to chip a little, mostly at the sides of the nails - no tipwear yet.

Although there are some definite issues with the application, I'm in love with this colour - it's been catching my eye every day that I've worn it with its ethereal glow.  It's unusual to find a colour which feels so absolutely unique, but this one really does feel like more than a standard baby blue, because of that oh-so-subtle shimmer.  That subtle shimmer, by the way, is incredibly hard to photograph: this is the best I could capture!

Eyeko Pastel Polish is limited edition, so if you like the colour, grab it now from, where it will cost you £3.50.

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  1. Damn, that's really pretty! Pastel nails are really in lately (er, I think) and these looks like they might be more affordable ways to get the kind of colours Illamasqua came out with, without spending over a tenner on a bottle.


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