Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New Boots 17 Christmas Collection - sparkly!

Disclosure - PR samples

This week, we've been getting acquainted with "Starry Eyes", the new Christmas collection from Boots 17. It earns an Ellie Goulding-esque "oh oh" from me because of the sumptuous choice of colours, especially in those glitter eyeliners.

There are 4 new eyeshadow trios, 4 glitter liners and a special "Wild Black" version of the blog hit Wild Curls mascara. There's also a new matte top coat for nails, although this is a new permanent addition rather than part of the Christmas collection.

17 makeup artist Vanesa Guallar told us that her favourite of the trios is easily Neptune, the gold, burgundy and forest green one. She showed us how to use the trios for a smoky eye with a pop of contrasting colour in the inner corner, and a glitter liner used to accent the lashline. It's a very easy, very flattering party look and these colours are perfectly chosen to create smoky eyes with a distinctive edge.

Here are the swatches (yes, we know that's what counts):

Glitter liners (top to bottom) Northern Star, Supernova, Stardust and Moonrock.
These liners are slightly multi-dimensional thanks to subtly different coloured glitter particles. Once dried they hold firmly to the lid, even after some rubbing with a finger, and there's little to no risk of glitter fallout. Although they will flake slightly after a few hours, they don't crumble to nothing like some cheap glitter liners will tend to. A bargain at £3.99. Stardust and Moonrock come especially recommended.

Eyeshadow trios (left to right) Neptune, Moondust, Starstruck, Galactic.

These are all shimmers, with the exception of the pink in Starstruck, which is matte, and the pale green in Moondust which is a glitter. There is some very fine glitter overspray to most of the other colours but underneath they're shimmer through and through. My favourites are Galactic and Neptune, mostly for those deep greens. All of these shadows are smooth and pigmented enough to thoroughly exceed expectations for their £4.99 pricepoint. They don't punch far enough above their weight to compete with Nars or Urban Decay, but on an off-day they give MAC eyeshadows a run for their money.

The Starry Eyes collection is out now at Boots, and happily coincides with a 3 for 2 offer on all 17 products. 


  1. Always been quite impressed with the quality of 17 shadows. The colours look lovely too! Will pop in and have a look soon. Perhaps have a look at the glitter liners too. I've been scared of these since a Barry M glitter pencil decided it would like to slice my eyeball up. Not nice!
    Chrissy xx

  2. I've been using 17 shadows for years, those trios look gorgeous. Love the Moonrock glitter liner, looks gorgeous. Thanks for the swatches :) x

  3. Their shadows are really good, pigmentation and application wise. I have only had issues with one product of theirs and that was their felt tipped liner.

    I saw these in store on Saturday and I feel they've made a mistake with the packaging for the eyeshadow. To me, it looks a bit tacky, kind of like the generic line of makeup that certain outlets bring out just for Xmas. The eyeliners don't suffer from the same.

  4. I agree with Vanesa Gualla - Neptune looks great. The mix of colours looks like it will work so well. I need it in my eyeshadow collection! xx

  5. @Rhamnousia: Yeah, the packaging is a little basic: but for the price I'd rather have basic packaging and better shadow.

    I'm wearing Galactic today and it's gorgeous; well pigmented, blendable, and buildable. The deep green makes a gorgeous liner. I've actually picked up these trios quite a lot over the last week: not something I usually do for many shadows at all, given the size of my collection!


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