Thursday, 21 October 2010

Boots' Sanctuary Christmas gift discount is a cracker!

It's not often we get an embargoed press release. It's kind of a quaint concept - how can you embargo something online, where information flows as freely and unstoppably as water?

Anyway, the embargoed press release we got this week was to tell us about the latest in Boots' series of knock-down gift deals. Remember last year, the Soap & Glory hatbox set that was less than half price and sold out in hours? Well, Boots have decided to court that same frenzied popularity this year with a weekly deal leading up to Christmas, each week choosing a luxe gift to slash in price by over 50%.

This week's deal, available from 7.00am on Friday 22nd October (my birthday!), is a bumper kit of classic Sanctuary bodycare items (when I say "classic" I mean "the orange stuff they've been doing for ages that has that distinctive nice scent"). It comes in a beautiful miniature chest of drawers made of sturdy cardboard and while there are too many mini-sized bits in there for it to be worth the RRP of £40 in my opinion, it's definitely worth picking up at the offer price of £19.

The full contents:
  • 1x 250ml Body Wash 
  • 1x 50ml Body Scrub 
  • 1x 75ml Luxury Bath Float
  • 1x 75ml Foaming Bath Soak
  • 1x 250ml Body Lotion
  • 1x 150ml Body Butter
  • 1x 25ml Classic Eau de Toilette
  • 1x 30ml Hand Cream
  • 1x 60g Salt Scrub Sachet
  • Luxury Shower Cap
  • Spa Skin Body Polisher
Sound good? Check it out here.

Don't go getting too far ahead of yourself and loading up your basket though - crafty Boots will be clearing all shopping baskets of these sets just prior to 7.00am on Friday so that nobody can hog the deal by "pre-ordering" in bulk.

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  1. Oh - what a good deal! If I don't get it online, I'll pop into the tiny Boots next to my office at 9. They've had all the other deals on their counter, so hopefully they'll have this one! The drawers look fab as well! x


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