Friday, 8 October 2010

Barry M Instant Nail Effects: Coolest Thing Ever

Having read good things about Barry M's latest product, I popped into Superdrug this evening to see if I could get my mitts on a bottle.  Naturally, they were all sold out.  I got lucky, though, when I asked if there were any more; someone had put one behind the till and hadn't come back for it.  Their loss, my gain.

The thick, viscous black liquid dries on the nail in a very cool crackly pattern, which looks more high effort than it actually is.  You only need apply one coat, and you don't need to be particularly neat about it - I found that a good thick layer globbed onto the nail resulted in the gorgeous patterns above.  It does dry a little bit matte for my liking, but a quick coat of glossy topcoat sorted that out.

Seriously, this is the most exciting thing I've tried since I discovered that you could paint your hand with PVA glue and then peel it off in one go when I was at school.

Priced at just £3.95, I applied it over Barry M Spring Green - polishes are 2 for £5 at Superdrug at the moment, so it's worth grabbing a second for the extra pound and five pee.  If you can't find it on the high street, it's available on Barry M's website.  Highly recommended.


  1. I haven't been able to find this anywhere.

    I have my brother looking out for one in Egham and my best mate trying to find me one in Kent.

    All these posts are not helping to cull the craving.

  2. I hope you find it soon! Otherwise, you could order it from Barry M online?

  3. cor im not messing about im off to order online!!! ,this blog is costing me a fortune!!!XLOL

  4. My boyfriend asked me to write a makeup wishlist and this product is on it! i have never tried cracked nail polish, but I remember back in my high school days, they were the new thing!


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