Thursday, 14 October 2010

Airport Beauty: Lancome and Clinique Travel Palettes

Disclosure: PR samples

Once upon a time, I got the opportunity to go to San Francisco for a conference.  The downside was that the trip was finalised on Friday night, and I needed to fly early Monday morning.  Oh, and I was at my then-boyfriend-now-husband's house in Yorkshire, with a train ticket that got me home to London at midnight Sunday.  Naturally, I threw some t-shirts, jeans, and pants into a suitcase and ran to the airport, and naturally, the first thing I did when I arrived in the US was to head to a department store and buy a full set of new makeup.

What I should have done, of course, was to pick up one of the travel exclusive palettes that are available at the airport, such as these two offerings from Clinique and Lancome.  Offering a compact kit which contains enough makeup to keep you going if you're short on time or packing space, these versatile little palettes even contain miniature brushes.  

Read on to see exactly what you get!

The Clinique All in One Colour palette contains Colour Surge eyeshadows, from the Spicy quad, five poured Long Last Lipsticks, a Superpowder face powder, pressed blush, and a mini High Impact mascara.  A teeny tiny lip brush, eyeshadow brush, wretched sponge applicator, and blush brush are also included.

The colours included would easily allow you to create a number of neutral makeup looks, and with the red lipstick, transition to a night time look too.  I've not used any Clinique eyeshadows in a while, and I was reminded of how gorgeously smooth and buttery they are - they glide onto the lid and blend easily (even with a tiny and slightly useless brush).  The lipsticks are also rather lovely - creamy, comfortable, and easy to wear with medium pigmentation.

I have two gripes with this palette, though: firstly, the blush was rock hard, and I completely failed to get any colour onto the brush.  If this was forming the entirety of your makeup for a trip, having no blush could well be very aggravating (although you could always improvise with eyeshadow or lipstick).  Secondly, that face powder is supplied in Beige.  I imagine that a very small proportion of people will actually get much use out of it as a face powder, as powder and foundation are notoriously difficult to match, so I'd have preferred it if this was a translucent powder instead.  That said, my pasty face did get some use out of it as a subtle bronzer.

The Lancome Absolu Voyage palette is a little larger than the Clinique offering, and manages to pack a lot more product into its shiny black casing.  Included are six eyeshadows: four Ombre Absolue, one Color Focus, and one Color Design; three l'Absolu Rouge lipsticks, a powder blush, face powder, concealer, mini Virtuose mascara, lip pencil, and black eyeliner.  The brushes are also a little bit bigger in this set; you get a blush brush, eyeshadow brush (non-spongy, thankfully), and a lip brush.

With more eye colours, and the inclusion of a black eyeliner, the Lancome palette provides more diversity in the type of look you can create with it.  There's a good mix of neutral and slightly more smoky shades of eyeshadow, allowing you to create a sultry evening eye, which isn't really possible with the Clinique palette.  The lip colours are smooth and silky, and although they look a little bit full on in the pan, apply sheerly for a pop of colour without dominating the face.

Again, I managed to get no use out of the concealer, which was supplied in Beige Clair (what is it with the beige?  I don't know anyone with beige skin, do you?).  The translucent powder, however, was definitely useful, and would suit most skins.

Overall - I've been very pleasantly surprised by these travel palettes.  They manage to cram in a fair bit of product into a small case, and provide a good selection of colours which will easily see you through a trip, although I'd personally supplement them with a few full size brushes and your ideal foundation, as no palette is going to be able to provide a good match, base wise.  Next time I'm travelling, I'll definitely be taking one of these with me instead of a bulging makeup bag.

The Lancome palette is available on the high street for £51, but at the airport for just £33, which gives you a lovely saving of £18.  The Clinique palette is a travel exclusive, meaning that you won't find it outside of airports, where it will cost you £29.75 - a reasonable price for so much makeup, particularly as the Spicy quad would set you back £22.50 alone on the high street..

What do you think?  Do all in one palettes appeal to you, or would you rather put together a bag of products to take travelling with you?


  1. I do like palettes, but always find myself needing to take loads of other things with me as well, and therefore defeating the point of it! The Lancome one looks good though. x

  2. I wish someone would hand me one of these palettes :P

    I really like them but I always feel that I need a million and one extra things, regardless of if I can actually use everything in it, something always tells me that I can no way do that.

    I don't know why that is


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