Wednesday, 1 September 2010

TIGI S Factor Color Savvy Shampoo and Conditioner - warning: addictive

Disclosure - PR sample

Color Savvy conditioner was originally sent through for Gemma, who passed it on to me after finding silicone derivatives in the ingredients list (she only uses silicone-free haircare). I took it with a "hmm!", snapped open the lid, and instantly became totally enslaved by the amazing smell.

TIGI products have long been known for their powerful and intoxicating scents. On a blogger trip to the TIGI studios earlier this year, I learned how fragrances for their new Urban Antidotes products are planned out with top, heart and base notes, just like "real" perfumes. The smell of their Bed Head Oatmeal and Honey shampoo and conditioner, their banana-scented Girl Toys serum and the minty goodness of their Headshot dry hair range are all etched on my olfactory roadmap already.
But none of those have ever impressed on me quite as strongly as this stuff. It's a kind of kiwi, strawberry, cherry tropical fruit-y smell that leaps out of the bottle at you. My work colleague says it reminds her of those marker pens that you sniffed as a kid. I kind of know what she means - there's a chemical edge to it that's kind of addictive. You just want to keep sniffing.

These products are, of course, intended for coloured hair and I went so far as to use a semi permanent dye so I could give them a fair test (I was sent the shampoo as well). They're good products - they leave hair soft, shiny and haven't noticeably faded the slightly darker tint I gave my hair a couple of months back. I'm afraid all that's by the by though - I'd probably like this stuff whatever was going on with my hair, just because of the amazing smell.

S Factor Color Savvy conditioner and shampoo retail for around £14 each, and are available through TIGI salons. Find out more at

NB TIGI have recently been bought out by Unilever, who currently conduct some tests on animals. Corporate policy and information is here.

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