Thursday, 23 September 2010

Review: YSL Ombre Solo Eyeshadow in Midnight Purple

Disclosure: PR sample

Hello, gorgeous packaging.  YSL's new Ombre Solo eyeshadow singles come in the usual shiny golden packaging, which isn't really anything new or exciting, but the inclusion of a tiny tiny brush and sponge applicator in the lid of the compact definitely is.  In a colour like this, the delectably named Midnight Purple, the tiny brush makes this the kind of product you can throw in your handbag and carry around as a one step smoky eye to go.

The eyeshadow itself is very well pigmented and very easy to smoke out.  I've found it difficult to apply this colour as a wash to the entire lid, though - it's a little bit too intense and rich to get a sheer application.  This is an eyeshadow just begging to be applied to the lashline and blended out.  So that's what I've been doing with it.

The photo above shows Midnight Purple blended out along the upper and lower lashline on top of Urban Decay's greyish silver Gunmetal shade, which I applied to the lid and under the lower lashes.  You can see the deep, smudgy purple along the lashline; not only does it give a gorgeously smoky look, but it also brings out the green in my eyes.

Swatched, the shadow looks a little muddy and blah, and the multi-coloured micro sparkle is much harder to see.  The purple tone is definitely more subtle than it appears in the pan.  This is one of those shades that looks much better on the eye than it does swatched.

While this isn't the most original shade, nor the most buttery blendable texture, I really enjoy using this shadow.  I think it has a good balance of sparkling but not shimmery pigmentation against a smudge-able and long lasting texture.  I personally wouldn't use this is anything other than a liner, as I think the level of pigmentation would make it too intense for the lid or the crease.  I like the portability, and will be carting this around as a day-to-night essential, but I'm not sure I'd repurchase - the price is pretty high, and even though it's definitely a luxe product, the way I like to use it is a bit limited for the price.

If you're interested to try this for yourself, you can find it on YSL counters now, where it will cost £19.50.


  1. Completely a most gorgeous colour, maybe I am swayed by the packaging, but it looks as if it would be ultimately blendable and luscious. Great with your eye colour. Thanks for the post. Jan

  2. I adore YSL packaging: they have expensive products but they are absolutely gorgeous! Great colour,


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