Thursday, 9 September 2010

Review - Tresemme Volume Styler

Disclosure - PR sample

I'm not really au fait with heat styling tools. I know there are a lot of them, and that they create amazing looks for other people. But for me, a hairdryer and an occasional-use-only set of straighteners are as far as it goes. I have naturally curly hair that I have always wished was straighter, and with a radial brush and a decent blowdry technique, I'm able to achieve that easily. I use straighteners, rarely, to create an extra-smooth look. And once in a while, now that I've grown up enough to accept my curls (as a kid I hated the way they formed ringlets, like a porcelain doll), I allow my hair to dry naturally.

This slightly apologetic preamble is to let you know that my review of Tresemme's Volume Styler will not be the critical assessment of a seasoned heat styler enthusiast. Rather it's a tale of what happened when styling n00b met styling product.

So. The Volume Styler is basically a large radial brush with a heated element in the middle and vented pink metal (sorry, ceramic, ionic) plates in between the bristles. It contains a 700W motor and blows hot air through the vents onto your hair as you style. It has 3 heat settings - medium, hot and cool shot.

Compared to my 2000W blowdryer, the 700W drying efforts of the Volume Styler are pretty meagre and won't be adequate to dry most hair from wet, even on the hottest setting. Mine is not the thickest hair in the world (it's about average) so I'd say that unless you have extremely fine hair in a short style, it's best used as a finishing tool after you've rough-dried with a conventional dryer.

On rough-dried hair, the styler can be sort of tucked under locks of hair at the root and used to give lift and volume from underneath. I found it very easy to use, and the bristles remained a comfortable temperature on my scalp even after it had been on full power for a while. The plates do get very hot, as does the round top of the brush head, so caution is advised when handling it. I've gotten into a routine of rough drying with my blow dryer and then smoothing out and adding root lift with the Volume Styler. It's very satisfying to watch my hair go from a wavy tangle to a smooth, bouncy style.

The cool shot isn't up to much when used after the heated settings. I tried using it to 'set' the style after I'd done the volumising routine described above, but found little difference in the temperature between warm and cool settings. I think because air is blowing through warm channels inside the unit, it gets heated anyway. However, you could definitely use it to set a style that you'd created with other tools like hairdryer or irons.

I have used this alongside Andrew Collinge Weightless Volume mousse and between them, these two products give definite lift at the crown and a sense of greater volume all over the hair.

I'd say that the Volume Styler is something I would be happy with had I bought it for myself, and it has made me wonder what I might be able to achieve with other tools at my disposal. It retails for around £25, and can be bought online from Boots, who currently have a gift with purchase offer on selected Tresemme stuff.

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  1. Thanks for this review - I've been thinking of buying this myself.


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