Thursday, 2 September 2010

Review - M Lab Body Treatment Cream

Disclosure - PR sample
Damn right it's a PR sample - this stuff costs £165 a tub! Yes, you read that right - one hundred and sixty five pounds. It could be that there's a lottery win in my future, but unless that happens I can't imagine I would ever spend this much on a single product.

So for the money, it must be fairly spectacular, right?

Well. We were introduced to M Lab's products and company policies at a blogger event a couple of months back, and we learned how M Lab is the fruit of the labours of Milford Laboratories, a cosmetic lab who were given absolute free rein to create the ultimate in anti-aging skincare - no expenses spared. You can think of their products as the ingredient dream team, the no-holds-barred masterpiece of cosmetic scientists unhampered by practical considerations about cost or ease of production.

It's a bold gambit - create the ultimate product, spend whatever it takes to get it, and trust that there will be customers willing to foot the bill for the end result. Educating customers about the cosmeceutical nature of the formulas (it's unapologetically high-tech - none of your all-natural positioning here) and the very high levels of active ingredients (55% in this case) can only take you so far, however - people need to know if it really works. As I was saying - it must be pretty spectacular, right?

Here's the low-down.

The Body Treatment Cream comes in a black glass tub with gender neutral-labelling. The lid is weighty, solid plastic that spins on and off with a smooth action that speaks of quality design. The cream is not perfumed, but it has a scent that arises naturally from the ingredients used. It's a smell that reminds me of new cars - like newly manufactured upholstery. It's pleasant and mild, and fades quickly.

The opaque white cream has a medium-weight consistency, and is oily rather than gel-like in texture. It's best slathered generously on the skin rather than applied sparingly, and if rubbed in too much will pill up and roll off the skin again. I find it best applied before bed so it can sit overnight and do its magical work.

I've been using this on my upper arms, which are plagued with both Keratosis Pilaris (aka "chicken skin" bumps) and occasional dermatitis. Because it's exfoliating as well as moisturising, it does a great job of smoothing out the bumps as well as nourishing the dry dermatitis. When I say exfoliating, I mean that it contains chemically exfoliating ingredients - it's not physically abrasive. 

British Beauty Blogger says this is the best body cream she has ever used, and I can see why. My first few tries with the cream were unproductive, as I was applying lightly and sparingly - thinking that a little would go a long way since it's such advanced stuff. I didn't see a lot of difference. However, remembering BBB's advice at the launch, I later began to smother it on more thickly and the results since then have been very noticeable. My skin is markedly smoother, bumps are smaller and less visible, and the dermatitis hasn't reared its head once since I started using it. While anti-aging is not a concern for me yet, I can see that the smoothing, moisturising properties of this stuff would be great for aging skin that is losing its elasticity.

My only reservation is the obvious one - the price. If I keep using it generously on my arms, I'll probably get through the tub in about 3-4 months. If I were using it on my whole body, it would be depleted even faster. For £165 per 200mls, that's a dangerously expensive habit to keep up.

I love what this does for my skin, but I can't see myself repurchasing. Unless I do get that lottery win, of course.

M Lab is available exclusively from Harrods. The Body Treatment Cream costs £165 for 200ml.

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  1. I see you suffer from Keratosis Pilaris. It can be a nuisance, so I use Avene 'Akerat' cream. It is rich in urea and after a couple of applications, gives visible results. It's now available in Boots I think, but if I'm ever in France, it's an essential purchse (along with Chocolate and coffee pods)


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