Friday, 10 September 2010

Review: Dr Hauschka Make Up

Disclosure: These products were received as PR samples

Hands up, who knew that cult natural brand Dr Hauschka did makeup?  I certainly didn't.  Known best for their much loved Rose Day Cream and other skincare, Dr Hauschka believe in a holistic, natural approach to cosmetics.  The company are absolutely honest about the quantities of organics in each product, and make use of high quality, fairly traded ingredients.  Unusually for a commercial company, Dr Hauschka have withdrawn products from their range in response to supply problems with organic ingredients rather than reformulating with more readily available alternatives; this is a company driven by a true passion for natural and sustainable quality.

Sounds good?  Read on for the in-depth review and many more photos..

But anyway - on to the makeup.  The pieces we received to try were from the Summer Impressions range and included an all in one makeup palette and a bronzing powder duo.  The makeup range is (as you might expect) as natural as possible, which essentially means that these products are mineral based.  That much is obvious from the textures; dipping a brush into the powders results in plenty of powder on your brush, with a little bit of fallout too - this is a problem associated with many pressed mineral products, as they don't contain as many fillers as more conventional cosmetics.

The Cool Breeze palette, shown above, is encased in shiny black, weighty packaging, and includes three eye shadows, one eye liner pencil, and two poured lip glosses.  These are typical summer colours; golden neutrals with a short of turquoise.

The colours are very sheer - this is not really a set designed for someone who likes bold, strong colour.  The eye shadows are incredibly soft and smooth, blend out beautifully, and are extremely easy to apply for a soft wash of colour.  The kohl eye liner smooths on easily, with no dragging, and gives a soft pop of colour to the eyes.  The glosses are also sheer, very shiny, and feel incredibly comfortable on the lips - more of a tinted balm than a sticky gloss.

The Cool Breeze bronzing powder is an immediate hit for me, and I'll happily admit that this is my favourite product out of the two.  Incredibly soft, and very blendable, this bronzer has a beautiful slight sheen to it - not glittery or sparkly, or even particularly noticeable - but it translates into a pretty, healthy glow on the cheeks.  You get two shades, which makes the compact very useful for contouring as well as for swirling together to get an all over bronze effect.

Swatched, the colours are again on the soft and sheer side - which personally, I much prefer, as it's so easy to go overboard with bronzer, and I'd rather build it up slowly.  The swatches show that slight glow, which is much more subtle than a sparkle or shimmer.

Unsurprisingly, these products are not cheap.  The palette costs £40, and as well as the six makeup products includes a double ended brush and a sizeable mirror in the lid.  Similarly, the bronzer costs £32, and includes a surprisingly useful mini-brush and mirrored lid.  

Yes, these products are expensive, but one look at the product pages on the website will show you a full ingredients list, which is something of a rarity - and it's a fairly short list to boot.  They are soft, blendable, sheer, and very useable - and that's part of what makes these such a winner in my mind.  Those of us who are perfectly happy doing a three or four colour blend every morning are less likely to be excited by the palette, but for those who opt for simple makeup, this is a great option - the shadows are so easy to apply, and I think it would be hard to overdo it.  

For anyone who likes their cosmetics with good eco-credentials, these are a great buy - high quality, mineral makeup without the fussing around with pots of loose powder, in smart, portable packaging.  Whilst the palette isn't my cup of tea, because I tend to favour heavier, more bold eye colours, the bronzer is an absolute dream, particularly for the bronze-o-phobic.  I'll continue to use and enjoy it, and I rather think I'll be repurchasing when it runs out.

If you'd like to try some Dr Hauschka makeup for yourself, you can pick it up directly from their UK website, where the Cool Breeze palette will cost you £40, and the Cool Breeze bronzer will cost £32.  There are also Warm Breeze variations available of both products if your skin prefers warmer tones.

What do you think?  Ever tried Dr Hauschka makeup?  Tempted to try it out?  Let us know in the comments!


  1. Dr. Hauschka's makeup?? Sounds great!! I am tempted to try it of course!
    Great review, darling,

  2. This bronzer looks absolutely amazing. Must try it at some point!


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